Recalled after mammogram for biopsy and ultrasound

I went for my 4th mammogram last week, usually I have been called back for an ultrasound and biopsy on my left (good) breast. I had chemo, mastectomy, lymph node removal & radiotherapy in 2013 on my right breast, has anybody else been called back after their mammogram for a biopsy and ultrasound, I’m really worried x



Hello and welcome, just wanted to acknowledge your post and as it was early this morning I am hoping this will bump it up just in case there is one of the other ladies on here who might be able to answer your question.


I was recalled after my third routine mammogram and that was when they found the bc.


Helena xx

Hi Crazy bird -I have spoken to ladies who have been re-called following post treatment mammograms and been biopsied- but turned out not to be re-occurrence - they are ultra cautious -fingers crossed .Jill.


That should be fingers crossed they were right the first time .

I rang the BCN for my results and was told they had discussed my biopsy and ultrasound at the MDT meeting, and that there were degenerative cells stage C1 and to expect an appointment in the next week.  I am really worried can anyone help shed some light xx