Recalled for another Mammogram and Ultrasound

Hi, my name is Amanda i am 39 years old (40 in February) and reallly need someone to talk to.

I am considered High Risk at developing Breast Cancer, all my Aunties on my Mums side have had breast cancer or have sadly passed away from it.

My mum died in 2001 after a 10 year battle with Breast Cancer.


For the last 4 years i have been having routine Mammograms due to the fact that my mum was 41 when she found her first lump.


I had my Mammogram last Monday and on Wednesday i recieved a letter saying that they wanted me to go in next Tuesday for a Mammogram and Ultrasound, needless to say i am absoltuley petrified.


I am trying to think possitive that i am young, I am on my period so maybe that could have altered the test?


I havent found any lumps myself and my last Mammogram was exactly a year from the one i had on Monday.


Has anyone had anything similar?

I feel like my life is on hold now until next week.



Hi Amanda, I lost my mum in 2003 to breast cancer but as no other female relatives were affected myself and my 2 sisters were never offered any follow ups, I know it’s so frightening but the very reason you were on annual checks is to pick up any early changes, it could well be nothing , the majority of recalls are but if it is then it’s highly likely to be very early stuff, I was diagnosed last year so now my sisters are on annual checks which they are very thankful for, one had already been recalled after her first mammo but all was well, try not to get yourself in to much of a panic , please let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

Hi Amanda, I’m so sorry to hear of your situation and can quite understand how scared you must be feeling. I haven’t been in the same situation with family history but my BC was detected on my first mammogram aged 50. When I had the recall letter it did say that the majority of recalls turn out to be harmless. I do know that the younger you are the more dense the breast tissue which probably makes it harder to read the mammogram and makes them extra cautious. At least if the worst comes to the worst and it is BC it will have been detected very early which makes it very treatable. Btw mine was DCIS detected early and although I had a mastectomy and reconstruction I didn’t need any other treatment apart from tamoxifen. I wish you all the best and hope you get good news on Tuesday. The waiting is the worst right through all this!! Let us know how you get on. Nic xx

Thank you ladies, i will be back to update you.

Really appreciate your replies.