Recent CT scan on neck 'normal'. Now lump.

After having BC ten years ago like many of you, you never expect it to come back.

After a fall last xmas I had alot of pain but, just thought it would dissapear. In May (10yrs to the month) a lump appeared on my neck. The biopsy was ‘suspicious’. So had an MRI and bone scan.

Results were that the same breast cancer had come back this time in my bones. Neck spine and ribs. So in june I was admitted to control the pain and was also given some radiation on the bottom of my spine. I was put on strong morphine based pain killers.

After a few months the lump had disappeared, so that was good news.

I was admitted gain in August with constipation caused by the pain relief. I have bone strengthening drugs once a month and a anti oestrogeon injection also once a month along with Tamoxifen.

In the last couple of months I had a lot of pain in the opposite side of my neck. So they did a CT scan. I was told that it was fine and looked better than it did when the lump was there.

That was about a month or so ago. On Friday last week I discovered another lump where the first one was.

Rang the hospital this morning and spoke to an SHO. I explained to her what I’d found and she said she’d call me back later.

When she phoned back she mentioned that I had my IV appt on the 12/12 so they could see me then.

There was no way I was going to wait 10 days so after a bit of a battle she said she’d see what she could do.

She called back and told me that I could be seen tomorrow at the beginning of clinic at 2pm.

They may know what there up against they deal with it everyday. But we the patients are learning all the time.

So fingers X’d.

Take care all of you.


Hello Debbie

I’m so sorry that you’ve got this additional worry.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I shall be thinking of you.

Take care
Love Anthi