Recently diagnosed IDC Grade 3

Hi, I feel numb! I can’t concentrate on anything! I’m 50 and lump was detected during mammogram. I suffer from depression anyway and now, it’s gone overboard! It seems like I’ve just stopped living!

hi Matilda,
Please dont panic. Loads of us had our bc diagnosis from mammogram & are now out the other side. Treatment is very good now & the great things about mammos is that it is generally picked up earlier, with most of is going onto make a full recovery.
Although you’ve had a shock, the mammo has done its job so that it can be dealt with.
Do come on here & chat whenever you need to, the early days of diagnosis are so stressful, we’ve all been there.
ann x

Thanks Ann. Treatment is going to be planned next week. I am dreading the whole process.

Thanks Lou. I am already preparing myself for misery! But next week I will know more, and coming back for support. So glad this is here for us all.

Hi Matilda, I’m so sorry you are in a state. I’m 70 and have just had my very naughty Mr. Blobby removed three weeks ago. All I can say is to hang in there. The worst thing about this is the fear. Breast cancer has come a long way, and is very treatable. So, Matilda, I have my fingers crossed that your appointments are swift, your medical team is supportive and you find the strength to do battle. This forum is full of women who are on the journey, or who have finished the journey. You will find help and support here. Big hugs. X

Thank you Anniej for the hug. It is the fear! Your right. Glad you had your procedure, if I can say that. How are you feeling now? Are you going to have chemo and radio? I’ve been told I will! I’m trying to hold it together, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Thank goodness for this place.

Hi I too have just had my surgery, had mastectomy 2 weeks ago. I completely understand how scared you feel right now. It does get easier once you get your head around it. Before I was diagnosed I didn’t know too much about cancer and treatment, it was like a foreign language and you need to get your head around all the lingo asap so you can make your decisions. I am see9ng Oncologist this Friday and then is is 50:50_if I need radiotherapy. My cancer was invasive ductal, triple negative, stage 1 grade 3.


Use this website and Macmillian, do not search endlessly on the internet, it will just scare you more.


Also I found the more people I told, the easier it was. So many people were able to offer help and advice. What do they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, and that’s how I coped.


Be strong, you can do this.



Hi Raitchr, good luck for Friday. Yes it’s the lingo that is very confusing, also the waiting. I have my appointment next Wednesday to discuss treatment. I am dreading the whole process! Thank you for your advice.

Hi Matilda057,

I was also diagnosed with IDC grade 3 two weeks ago so right now you are in a state of shock as I was too. I also have radial scarring in the other breast.

It is a wirlwind of tests and uncertainty at the moment but first you need to get your head around your diagnoses.

I feel a bit better now as have got my head around it a little more, but lots of people here for you so you are not alone :slight_smile:


Hi  Matilda,  I was 49 when I was diagnosed  with triple neg idc - it wasn’t quite what I had planned for my 50th birthday which was a shopping trip to New York!


I remember the awful feeling of doom that seemed to rear its head at stupid o’clock in the morning when the rest of the world is asleep.  The length of time you have to wait for results… I felt was barbaric.


As everyone else is saying this time between diagnosis & receiving a treatment plan is just horrible, the days drag.


Once you have a treatment plan things move much quicker.


I had a mastectomy, then axillary clearance the following week as cancer was found in sentinel node, followed by 6 rounds of fec-t chemo, then reconstruction surgery, then surgery to the other boob to match, a new nipple made and finally new nipple was tattooed early this year.


Its now almost 4 years since I started my journey, I’ve made some lovely friends that I’m still in contact with from the ‘going through treatment’ ‘monthly chemotherapy’ section of this forum, I went to New York for that shopping trip (2 years later than planned) and I now have the boobs of a 20 yr old…every cloud an all that ?


That awful moment when when I was first diagnosed is just a nasty memory now and before you know it, it will be for you too.


Take care xx




Thank you Hollis69. I am trying to keep it together, it’s not easy. Wednesday is the day I see the surgeon. I have lots of questions. I’m dreading the whole process! I will read the forums but to be honest, even that upsets me!

Thank you Anniej. I am confused about the stages and grades and the h business! I will know more on Wednesday! It can’t come soon! One day at a time! Hey?

Thank you Nikki49, the days are long! I am taking the advice I read on the forums. Wednesday is the day I see the surgeon. Plenty of questions! I am happy you have the breasts of a 20 year old, that made me smile :relaxed: