Recently diagnosed - Scans clear but still coughing

Hi all

My beautiful mum was diagnosed with bc last month and has had a ct scan, bone scan and chest X-ray. She has had for someatime (maybe a year or more) a persistent dry cough, i was really worried the cancer was in her lungs but all the test results came back clear and was overjoyed. Mums cough is still present, in fact its sounding worse lately. I’m starting to doubt the scan results and need some reassurance that these scans would detect something if it was there no matter how small? She is taking letrozole and waiting for a mastectomy. Can anybody help? Thanks x

Hiya Lorton,
I too have had a persistent cough that does come and go for well over a year (my GP thinks it is asthma) I was dx with breast cancer in Feb of this year, like your Mum i have had MRI,CT’, and CXR.
I have no reason to doubt that they are not clear.
I do think that it is important that someone checks your Mum’s cough, I wonder if it has been mentioned before?
Personally, It should be adrressed with either her GP, or the breast nurse, or the oncologist. I would favour the oncologist myself.
It is obviously bothering you enough to be concerned and I do think that is a very good reason to flag it up with her medical team. Is it possible you could go with her? say to one of her appointments?
you are clearly a lovely caring daughter and It would be great to get reassurance for your peace of mind too.
I hope this helps,

Thank you for your reply Wintersocks. Mum went to docs today and all seems ok. Best wishes to you. X

Hi Lorton
Sorry to hear of your Mum’s diagnosis and hope she comes through all the treatments OK.
Re the cough is she by any chance on blood pressure medication because sometimes a side effect of some of the meds is a cough. Just a thought.
Best wishes to you both.

Sorry to hear about your mums dx lorton but would like to add if your on herceptin one of the SE can be a cough and a tight chest, as far as the scans are concerned unfortunately I have lungs mets and even though they are very tiny they can see them on the CT scan very clearly, so if they say your mums lungs are clear then please be reasured that they are clear, when I was dx last year with both primary and the secondarys I developed a cough obviously I thought the worst because of my dx but the cough turned out to be a viral infection, maybe this is the reason your mum is coughing. Hope this helps.
Love and light to you all
sarahlouise xx

Thank you for all your replies. Best wishes to you all. xx