Recently diagnosed with DCIS waiting is driving me nuts


following a routine mammogram I was called back for further test.

when I had the first mammogram the radiographer told me 1st timers often get called back not to be alarmed if it happened.

went to the recall , told 2 areas of concern so further mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.

Following week went for follow up told 5mm dcis low grade and abnormal cells in another area.

surgeon said definitely lumpectomy with follow up radiotherapy. But first wants MRI of both breasts and tests on lymph nodes.

I’m so confused. If this is so tiny and low grade why so many further test prior to lumpectomy ?

It will be nearly three weeks from diagnosis to MRI then another week at least for results. The waiting is driving me mad.

im sorry to be a moaning Minnie , I know that I am very lucky to be found so early but I just wish I could hurry it all up. Any advice on coping with the waiting would be great, I did have a mini meltdown earlier this week with my husband which probably went too far on the negatives but  I did feel a bit better afterwards.


Hi Nikkit,

Well, thank goodness you went for that mammo, it’s done it’s job, then. That’s how my bc (not dcis) was picked up early & I’m now very grateful it was.

Waiting is something we all have to endure & it is horrible, but we do get through it.

It’s good they’re doing the mri as that will make sure the diagnosis is as accurate as possible to ensure you get the right treatment plan. It would be far worse if you didn’t have the correct surgery to get it dealt with.  

A mammo on it’s own, may not be enough to get the full picture. Very few of us get away with just the initial mammo & biopsy, there’s generally other investigations that need to happen & … more waiting ?

It can help to not look beyond the next appointment, try not to leap ahead to the 'what ifs & take it a day at a time.

It will be fine.

ann x