Recently diagnosed with her2type breast cancer

Hi, I’m new to this. Iv recently been diagnosed with her2 breast cancer and will begin chemo soon followed by lumpectomy. I’m scared stiff 34 years old and no history of bc in family I’m worried it could of spread elsewhere and every pain I get I’m worried it has spread does anyone else feel like this? What’s hurt the most is worrying about my kids I have a 7 year old daughter and 16 month old son I just want to see them grow up!

Hi jojo I’m so sorry you have had to join this group. I’m sure your mind is racing and very tough with a young family. There are a few threads on here that you might like to join one is called recently diagnosed and needing to talk quite a few of the woman on there have now been diagnosed for a while but have some great advice and are a brilliant support. Also on the going through treatment and the August chemo 2015 to help with anything leading up to chemo even though I would think you will be next month but everyone will try and help and advise big hugs to you xxxxxx

Hi Jojo I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed its a very frightening time I just wanted to point you in the direction of YBCN which is a private Facebook group for women under 45 living in the UK who have a breast cancer diagnosis. There’s a lot of women on the site in a similar situation and it’s a very supportive group. Here’s the link to the public Facebook page where you can then message the admin team if you want to join.
There’s also a section on the BCC site specifically for younger women which you might find useful.
Take care x

Hi Jo


I have recently been diagnosed too, had my lumpectomy, then found out I am HER2 positive and oestrogen receptor positive, I also  imagined it spreading anywhere, but it hasnt, my lymp glands are clear, someone told me, someone from this forum actually, that cancer doesnt grow that quick, I hung onto that and waited for my results. 

I know we have got a path that we have to follow and it will not all be easy, but I have read the most encouraging messages on here, ladies and men that have lived very fullfilling lifes, look around chat to some of the younger mums, and the more experienced ladies that have so much information,advice, support and encouragement to give you my lovely.


Hang on in there and fight the bugger.


Hi ladies, I am 40 years old and have Her2+ positive cancer. I have had a mx ( multifocal) and had a full ANC as it spread to 1 lympth node. I am due to start chemo soon. I have a 2 and 15 yr old boys. Maybe worse part is the waiting but once they put it into action it helps. Big hugs xx

Hi Mad Ange, I have a multi focal, grade 3 invasive ductal with 1 node so far.I am having chemo first and then a mx. I started chemo on 2/9. You can do this. It is so scary before you start and your imagination tells you it will be the worst ever but reality is better. It is rubbish that you have to have chemo but you will get through it.
You should check the Sept chem thread on the Chemotherapy part of the forum. You will find lots of tips and advice from so many women who are at the same stage of treatment. It has been a godsend to me. Big hugs coming your way.xx suz

Thanks Suzi looks like my hospital did it the other way round. Mx, ANC and now chemo. I think I have dealt with it ok this far just a bit frightened of the chemo. Never mind it will be over soon xxxx