Recently diagnosed with lobular breast cancer

hello, I am new to this site (don’t really know what I’m doing) but have been recently diagnosed with BC.
I am 33 and this has been the worst month of my life right at the start of the kids summer hols ? they say they can do a lumpectomy with radiotherapy but with being so small it would look different to my other breast and radiotherapy could shrink it further (I’m only an A cup as it is) They have offered to remove both breast tissue and rebuild with implants which I think is what I may do. Just wondered if anyone else would chose that option.
So sorry for all on here also going through these tough times xxx

I have also had a rough summer hols, after a trial mammogramim 47 I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer her2 neg, grade 1, I Recently went through a lumpothy and seninal lymph node removal, after the results unfortunately it had spread into my lynth nodes, two weeks ago august 15th, i opted for a masectopy with implant and the rest of my lynths out, I am really impressed with my op, implant looks good, Ive just had my results, breast tissue was clear went through 5 nodes out of 15, my surgeon said I have to go through the chemo route, he did say i was rare going through the lymphs, i have an appointment with oncology doctor on Tuesday. Its a very scary place

Oh no I’m so sorry, I know exactly how you’re feeling, did they say they thought it hadn’t spread to the nodes? I’m really nervous for my op on 7th Sept and then the result, they say they don’t think mine is in the nodes from the scans but you never know once they take them out do u. Such an awful feeling :frowning: can’t believe how many of us go through this, it seems really common xx