Recently diagnosed

Never used one of these before but lack of sleep and the onset of madness has led me to it.
I had a lump checked out on Thursday and have been told that it contained ‘lots of irregular cells’ and was given a score of 3, 0 being benign and 5 being malignant. I have to go back on Friday for more tests and a consultation on Saturday. I might be being a bit thick but is there such a thing as benign irregular cells or by definition does this mean I have some form of breast cancer?

Hi annielen and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the valuable support you will receive here you may find it helpful to call our helpline where you can talk your concerns over with someone in confidence. The line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000.

Take care


OK, me again. Going madder and madder the more I read - would be really grateful if someone could answer the question - if I have been told that I have ‘lots of irregular cells’ in a lump (seems quite large - 4 cm, also seems to be getting bigger but might be the madness) does that mean I have some form of breast cancer - don’t mind if the answer is definitely yes. I just need to know so that I can prepare myself for my further tests on Friday - which seems a lifetime away.
Thank you!!

The honest answer is - they won’t know until they do more tests otherwise they would have been able to tell you. Unfortunately waiting for the results of tests & then more tests is all part & parcel of all this & it is HELL & makes you feel like you are going mad so you have my sympathy & understanding. I cannot give you the definitive answer you so want & need but just to reassure you that you will get an answer & whatever this may be they WILL be able to deal with it.

I hope that is in some way a little support for you at this such hard time

When I had my first breast lump 12 years ago (it was huge by the way - about 5 cm) I was told that the lump contained some abnormal cells. However it was ultimately classified as benign. So I got on with life and forgot all about it. Then ten years later my cancer appeared under the scar of this “benign” lump.
Sorry if this worries you - but you wanted an honest answer.
I would say that as your biopsy is showing an element of malignancy then bracing yourself for a BC diagnosis is probably a good idea.
It is no good telling you to stay away from the internet because I know that I didn’t when I was playing the waiting game.
Just remember that BC and breast problems come in all manner of types and we each have our own individual disease and prognosis.
All the best for Friday. It seems a lifetime away right now - waiting is really the worst part of this whole thing. Take care.

Thank you both so much for your comments it really helps. What’s the deal with the no sleeping thing!!!

Hi, I think everyone on this forum would agree it’s the waiting that makes you a little crazy! And unfortunatley, my experience with bc is that it’s one wait after another… However, once you get your treatment plan (should get my this afternoon) I’m told it gets easier. As recently dx myself, one very good piece of advice I was given from a lovely lady on this site was not to read every thread, don’t get ahead of yourself or your own personal treatment plan. I have found the advice and support on this site invaluable. I hope you are able to get some sleep soon, and good luck for Friday. Donna x

I know this sounds bizarre, but the waiting for results and information is by far and away the worse bit of all this…

Whatever you are told when you get them, you then know what you are dealing with and can move forward, but as with everything, the fear of the unknown is absolutely the worse thing.

This is a really tough time, but surprisingly it will go relatively quickly and on Friday you will know what you are dealing with.

Thinking of you

SJ xx

Hi Annielen,

sorry to hear that you are having to go through the anxiety etc that you are at the moment & I totally understand as I too have just had 2 of the worst weeks of my life sitting & waiting for test results & when waiting, time truly does seem stop:(

I cant comment on the outcome as having only been diagnosed on Thursday I truly do not know or understand enough (even about my own Dx) what i do know is everyone on here will be rooting for good news for you & if its not the news wanted then please know it is not the end of the world as so much can be done & you will be able to talk & seek support from the wonderful people on this forum who have been a godsend to me over the last 3 days.

Can totally understand the no sleeping thing, I feel like a zombie, am guessing that night time is the perfect time for every conceivable worry to invade your head & I hope that as time goes on this too will become easier.

I truly wish the best news for you & will keep you in my thoughts & remember to come on here anytime to chat with people that understand your anxiety.

Take care


Hi Annielen, so sorry you’re stuck in this horrible limbo. I can’t tell you yes or no, and it sounds like the biopsy results you had fall right in the middle of a diagnosis, so that’s truly tough. With the feeling that the lump is getting bigger, I had exactly the same after my biopsies - I could feel the lump (which was 3cms) beforehand, but couldn’t see it until after the biopsies, and i was told that it was because of bruising/swelling from the biops themselves. I didn’t believe it, was sure that it was growing rapidly, but when it was removed three weeks later, it was in fact only .2 bigger than they’d told me from the u/s, so looks like it may have just been swollen and bruised. Hope that may ease your mind a little.

On the pos. side - your biopsy hasn’t come back with a hugely malignant diagnosis… so even if it is bc, it doesn’t appear that it’s extremely aggressive or far advanced. I could be wrong, I’m not a specialist, but I would say that you can hold on to a positive thought there.

If you can’t sleep at all, phone your GP and get some sleeping tablets. I didn’t sleep well at all, though I wasn’t stressing much day by day, I think my sub-conscious was going into overdrive at night, and sleep was very elusive. You won’t be the only one who is getting too familiar with 3am!


Blimey, thank you all so much for your comments and support. I haven’t even got a Facebook account so what on earth possessed me to join this forum I do not know but I am so glad I did.

Pressed submit when I didn’t mean to…see told you I was new to all this. What I was going to say was that it is so hard trying to pretend to everyone around you that all is well. My dear husband doesn’t quite know what to say and doesn’t want to talk about it at all. Roll on Friday and more importantly Saturday when I am discussing the results with the consultant (or whoever he is!) Will I get any idea on Friday does anyone know - do you see the ultrasound scan like you do with babies - I failed biology o’level but having done my research I am sure I will get the gist - only joking!!!

I’m not sure if you’ll get any update on Friday, or if they’ll wait til Saturday… it varies so much from one health authority to another. Mine was a sort of one-stop shop, which was fortunate for me - and the registrar I saw told me I had bc after I’d had mammo/ultrasound and biopsies… about ten minutes after the biopsies had been done, so they could obviously tell from either the mammo or ultrasound because the biopsies would not even have reached pathology by then! I then had to go back in a week later to see the consultant, who confirmed the dx - so I really don’t know, in your case!

I didn’t get to see my lump on the u/s screen…lol… too busy lying on my back with one arm fetchingly above my head and both boobs exposed to the elements… so glad I’d remembered to shave my pits the evening before…

Sophie xx

Hi Annielen,

I like Sophie got told after the ultrasound, i had the mammo on the Thursday a letter on the Saturday asking me to come in on the Tuesday for an ultrasound where i was told lump that i had discovered in right boob was fine but they had found something more of concern in left boob, was slightly shocked as couldnt & still cant feel anything in that one, they then decided whilst in ultrasound to do biopsy straight away & it was at that point i asked for them to be honest with me as to its seriousness, i was told 99.8 % sure that it was indeed a problem, the biopsy was sent straight off before i even got dressed & they had the results 2 days later (last Thursday) when it was confirmed it was Bc, for me i am actualy glad that i asked at the ultrasound as in a way it took a little off the edge of the shock on Thursday, have been told that i am “lucky” strange word but indeed i am as had i not found lump in right i would not of had left checked out & it looks & sounds that they have caught it very early, what i will say to you though is that there is always hope as I did & still do have a LARGE lump in my right boob but it is not cancerous :slight_smile:

I truly hope that they are able to give you as much info as soon as possible as i agree with everyone on here that the waiting is the worse part.

Good luck & I will be thinking good thoughts for you. Sarah.xx

P.s, i did see the lump on ultrasound but to be honest it just looked like a black hole & it made about as much sense as when i was pregnant & they pointed out arms, legs etc, i failed biology too :slight_smile: lol.xx

Thank you both again. It is great to be able to talk to someone. My GP called me yesterday as he had heard - he wasn’t overly reassuring bless him. We will see.
Sarah - have you now got a plan of action - are they going to remove the lump in the right breast or just leave it?
Must remember my pits and a clean bra for Friday!
Tracy xx (couldn’t think of a good online name - big Annie Lennox fan - saddo!)

Hi Annielen,

was at hospital this morning, tumour is small measuring 15mm & is hormone receptive, herceptin negative ( which i am led to believe is positive news) am having lumpectomy & sentinel node biopsy on Xmas Eve & then probably 3 weeks of radiotherapy providing not in nodes & tumour not bigger than thought & tamoxifen for 3 to 5 yrs, so a better start to the journey than i had dared hope Really hope its good news for you & P.S I love Annie lennox :wink: xx

Hi Sarah,
Blimey, is that a lumpectomy on the original lump in the right or the one they subsequently found in the left? I am kind of resigned to the fact that I will have this one removed but again am probably running away with myself…before/after christmas…which is best…got 14 coming!!!
Did you tell many people before you diagnosis? I work at a school and people keep asking if I am alright - probably because I am being a such a snappy miserable cow!!
lol Tracy xx

hi Tracey,

the lump i found on the right is fine & just hormonal, the one they discovered on the left is the problem but they believe they have caught it very early, fingers crossed.

Try to keep your chin up as i know the wait is awful but it may all still be good news for you, (I really hope so).

Didnt get a choice for dates :frowning: asked if they could do it after Xmas because have 4 children etc but they said they would rather crack on with it so am ok about it now.

Dont worry about being snappy as am sure when this is all sorted people will understand the worry & stress that you have been under & I pray you will get your answers soon.xxxx

Ah Sarah - found you! That’s really, really good news. By Christmas Day you will feel so relieved, I’m sure. Really pleased for you.

Sass xx