Recently diagnosed

Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have been diagnosed and I am going in for operation and Lymph nodes( blue dye) and then radiotherapy and poss chemotherapy.
They have said I have hormone receptive breast cancer and I have had to come off my HRT so getting very hot in deed. I am due to move from Sufolk to Lancashire which will mean me having my operation here in Suffolk and themn moving to Burnley for my radiotherapy . Anyone know of any support in Burnley Lancashire area and where I would recieve my radiotherapy. ?
Is it likely I may have to have further surgery after first op I am unsure and how will I know if I need chemotherapy ? I could really do without moving but I do ot have a choice am i being unrealistic
Can anynoe help or you are going through the same experience

Hi Dunlou and welcome to the forums

In addition to the support you will soon have here our helpliners are on hand with further support and information on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

The following links to the BCC ‘Just diagnosed’ and ‘Treatments’ information may be helpful to you over the next weeks and months:\_source=Homepage&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=diagnosis\_source=Homepage&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=treatment

You may find it useful to post in the ‘In your area’ forum on the left as you can ask for support from users in particular areas there

Take care


Hi Dunlou,

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but you are in the right place for help and support.

I have had all my treatment so far at Burnley, and they have been magnificent. I genuinely cannot fault either the surgical team or the oncology team. There is a thread for Burnley girls here -
You will be well looked after.

However, Burnley does not have a radiotherapy unit. There is only one in Lancashire, which is at Preston Hospital(The Rosemere Centre). We all go there for radiotherapy but it is the same oncology team.

As for chemo they will be able to confirm whether or not you need this after your operation and they examine your lump and lymph nodes under microscope, although they may have some idea already. After your op you will be given an appointment with the oncologist who will discuss your treatment plan with you. I’ve no idea what sort of communication there is between areas, so you may need to check on this and see what the system is.

All the very best, Linda xx

Hi Dunlou. Sorry you have joined the breast cancer club but i hope no you have a treatment plan you feel slightly better. i had the same operation as you just over 3 weeks ago. I lucklily found it very straightforward and although still a little bit sore I am back to normal. I had to return to the hospital a week after my surgery and this is when i was told the info about the sentinal lymph node biospy. that is what the blue dye is for. At this appointment i was also told it was likely that I would need chemo but no extra surgery. if you dont need more surgery you will be referred to an oncologist who will discuss the recomended treatment options for you. I totally understand how the moving is adding to your anxiety but it will be possible to transfer all your medical records to the new hospital. Sorry cant help with questions about Burnley but I’m sure someone from near there will reply. If not you could start a new thread on in your area. I wish you all the best with the surgery, follow up treatment and the move. It is a lot to take on board so best advice take one day at a time xxx

Thanks for that in sure all will be ok it’s just a little frightening , especially with moving so far away. Are you aware of any Doctors in Burnley , preferably female . Can I drive to Radiotherapy ?

Thanks glad you are feeling better and I know once I have had the op so am on my way . Just one of life’s ups and downs .

Hi Dunlou
don’t know where in Suffolk you are, but I’m having all my treatment at the West Suffolk in Bury St Edmunds - hope it all goes well for you and that your move goes smoothly

Cress x


I’m sorry but I don’t know of any GP’s in Burnley as I don’t live there. I imagine you can drive after radiotherapy, but you need to check. Preston is about 25 miles from Burnley, and is mostly motorway.


Hi Dunlou

I’m having my treatment at Burnley and I have nothing but praise for the breast care team there.

Whereabouts in Lancashire are you moving to? (PM me if you don’t want to say on the forum) When you ask about doctors in Burnley, do you mean GPs or breast consultants?

Maggie xx