Recently diagnosed

Hello ladies I’m too recently diagnosed, found out on Thursday I have the brac2 gene so I’m not surprised , although I should of done sonething sooner to stop this from ever happening. My anxiety has hit the roof and I can’t sleep I feel weak and hopeless , I’m trying to be strong for my 14 yr old son and family . My mum and sister are being very supportive , I don’t know what to think my mind is doing overtime , I have been diagnosed with idc stage 3 , I’m going for a bone scan on Monday , I also have a bad back which I have had since last year but since the news it has got a 100 times worse , everyone keeps telling me not to worry it’s probably stress , I am trying to think positive thoughts , I have been prescribed some calming tablets from the doctor but only started taking yesterday so I think they take about a week to settle in , I have a boyfriend of 7 years but we do not live together , he has been working overtime and I have not even seen him yet to get a cuddle , I’m worried for a relationship a little and worried how he may handle this as he does like to have a drink , I am also worried for my son who has mild anxiety we are very very close .




Hi Helen,
So sorry you find yourself here, but theres loads of support from those of us who are going through what you’re going through or are further down the line.
This stage with the shock of diagnosis is always so difficult, but we generally find that it does get better once the investigations are out of the way & a treatment plan is in place.
What you are feeling is quite usual, anxiety does send the mind into overdrive, imagining the worst with any aches & pains.
Please use this site for information & support - or macmillan. Do avoid avoid googling your diagnosis as the information is often irrelevant to your situation, & can make anxiety even worse
Do contact the helpline here if you need ro talk things through & come & chat on here whenever you need ro.
ann x

Hi Helen, I’m sorry you find your self here but a warm welcome anyway! What you are describing is the norm in the early days of diagnosis and although you may feel like you are losing your mind things will settle down I promise! We all imagine every ache and pain is more sinister but it’s the anxiety doing it’s worst. 

You don’t need to be strong and positive, you are allowed to feel angry, anxious , scared and anything else you please right now, it’s a terrifying thing to go though, your strength will return but you need time to process what is happening! 

Dont beat yourself up about what you feel you should have done , you can’t look back just go on and deal with what is happening, BC is very treatable and we have ladies here with the Gene doing very well, you will be very well looked after and every day you will start to feel a little stronger, try not to worry about others for now and allow them to worry about you, I know we fret so much about our children , just feed him what you feel he needs to know, if he sees you putting one foot in front of the other he will follow! 

Plenty of support for you here Xx Jo 

hi helen,
As Jobey says, please dont beat yourself up on this, your previous surgery wouldn’t have changed anything & now you can get this dealt with.
ann x