Recently diagnosed

I have recently been diagnosed with a grade 2 ductal tumour on my left breast. I am so devastated and anxious about what’s ahead of me. I haven’t had a date yet for my surgery this is the worst time just want it done and get on with any treatment to follow. Anyone else at this stage the not knowing is unbearable ?

Hi Collie,

First of all, glad you found us even though it’s not where you want to be.

We’ve all been where you are now, but we do get through it.

It is a huge shock getting diagnosed, so what you’re feeling is quite usual. I remember too well, that feeling of just wanting it out of me.

It can help just to take it a stage at a time, there might be more investigations, which is quite usual as the most important thing is, getting the best treatment plan for you.

When you know where you’re going with it all, it does settle down. There are loads of us here who’ve been through it & are out the other side - that is the normal outcome. 

ann x

Hi Collie
I’m around 7 weeks post diagnosis and I know it’s awful to be here
But people on here are very helpful and supportive
I know the waiting feels like forever and ever
I’m now two weeks post op and waiting for the next part of the plan
You will feel better when you know more , waiting is the hardest part x

This is all new to me on these forums so forgive any errors I may make. Thanks for your reply how much it means to me to know there are loving people out there who are travelling the same journey as myself. Sending you big hugs ?

Thankyou for your reply it gives me great comfort to hear all your positive replys. I have just had a bad day in need of speaking to someone who has or is experiencing the same as myself thankyou and sending hugs your way ?

Hi Collie
I feel exactly the same, these lovely ladies on this Forum helped me last night. For the first time since finding the lump on my birthday on 31 August I felt a strange calmness last night after having reached out to the Forum and this morning was the first time I woke up without a ball of fear in the pit of my stomach. I find out tomorrow how bad it is and what the plan will be but it’s already been suggested I go straight to chemo.
Like all these other ladies and yourself, this is a terrifying time but we CAN get through it. It’s just the not knowing and waiting bit that’s sovdraining at this stage.
Take care.
Fiona x

Good luck for your results Fiona. Big hugs to you ??

Hi Ann you know exactly what we all feel here. Glad your post surgery and good luck with the next part of the plan. C big hugs ?

Enjoy your weekend with your family ?

Thanks Collie. Be strong ?

Hi Collie,


Your tumor sounds like a sibling of mine (also grade 2, in left breast). I got my diagnosis a little more than 2 weeks ago, and I’ve got a lumpectomy/partial lymph node removal scheduled for this Monday. My treatment plan will only be decided about afterwards.


Things still feel rather surreal to me - like other people here I’ve also found myself thinking that surely there must have been some mistake because … I’m fine, really. It takes time to sink in. The BC Nurse I spoke to told me right after I got the diagnosis that this and other feelings/thoughts are entirely normal: the fact that all this seems to be happening to someone else, or that it feels as if it is a bad dream, and then there is the rollercoaster of feelings (especially anxiety) that one gets thrown on without any warning, and the hamster wheel of thoughts going round and round in circles (day and night).


It is a lot to take in, and it takes time. I have found it very helpful to talk to other women on this forum, and yes, as others have also said: take things one step at a time. Do something that makes you happy, take time for yourself, and don’t worry too much about what other people might think, feel or expect, think of yourself and of what is good for you/gives you strength and support.


Wishing you all the best,

Rapunzel xxx

Hi Rapunzel when I read your post it’s like as you said a sibling of mine. All the feelings you have experienced it’s can relate to so I’m thinking it’s not abnormal to feel up at times and then full of anxiety the next. Everyone says don’t stress but that’s hard especially when you wake in the night every senario goes through your mind. I wish you all the best for Monday I will be thinking about you and hope to hear how you get on and your next plan. Sending big hugs your way ??

?? yes you just focus of that lovely cup of tea and nice warm toast will be thinking about you ??

Hi mia7 thanks for sharing your story I have just been recently diagnosed so just the waiting which is a mixture of emotions. I have been keeping myself fit and continuing with my gym it distracts me for a while. The ladies on the forum are an inspiration when I read the threads. Thanks for sharing your journey ??

Hi Jane Belinda sounds like you have had your surgery wishing you a speedy recovery ??

Hi Collie,

I’m in a very similar position, was diagnosed on 18th Sep with a grade 2 tumour in my right boob. I’m currently waiting on an MRI scan (on friday) to determine what surgery is needed as they can’t see the little nuisance on my mammogram!

Hopefully in another 2 weeks, I’ll have my surgery date and can get on with evicting it.

Consultant has said that based on what they know now, I might be lucky enough to avoid chemo, but will depend on lymphnode biopsy (they look clear on the ultrasound).

I posted just after diagnosis about how lost I felt but have to say, other than a few wobbles here and there, I’m feeling pretty calm and positive. My toddler is a good distraction!

Hope you get your plan in place soon! X

Hi jmag81 great to hear from you excuse my ignorance if your mammogram didn’t show up anything how were you diagnosed? I’m hoping nothing in lymph nodes as biopsy showed clear also. I’m meeting with my consultant on Tuesday so may know more about my surgery. Good luck huns keep posting ??

I found a palpable lump and went to gp, have always checked after my mum died of bc. It’s clear as day on the ultrasound but as I’m so young (well, 37) my breast tissue is dense and it doesn’t show up on the mammogram!

I wish you well jmag81 hope all goes good for you big hugs going your way ??