recon last week still soooooooo sore

Hiya all, i had my reconstuction last friday tissue expander i come home on sunday which was great but i am still in so much pain is this normal?
i cant lift my arm properly and where the expander has been put in is black and blue and it feels like my ribs are cracked, am i just being paronoid or should i go up to my gp?
take care
clare xxx

Hi Clare

If you remain concerned and want to talk to someone in confidence, please don’t forget about our helpline, you can call up to 2pm today and 9am-5pm in the week. The number to call is 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes


I was the same. I could barely move and my ribs and back were very sore. Seven weeks on, I am now pretty good. It will get better, honest!

All the best