Recon with expander implant

Hi Guys
Haven’t logged on for a while - too busy getting on wi life -
Have now decided time is right to go for reconstruction - (Had lumpectomy and right mastectomy in Aug/Sep 2005 followed by 4 months FEC and 12 months HERCEPTIN ) - god wot a long road that was.

Thankfully all is well at the moment and I’ve decided to take the plunge 2 n half years on and get my cleavage back - Surgeon was wonderful said I only needed expander implant due to my small cup size and the fact that I’d not had radiotherapy so my skin was still stretchy!

Now I’m on the list due beg of April and I’m beginning to wobble!!! - Seems like I’m back in the hands of ‘breast cancer’ again and the bad thoughts that I’d learnt to keep locked away are returning on a regular basis. In fact I was up last night half the night after dreaming that the dreaded BC had returned!!!. This time my veins were no good had to have Hickman line - the lot - it was NOT VERY NICE at all!!

Why now am I panicing like made to the extent I feel its making me ill. - I thought reconstruction was going to be like the final closure on this horrible episode. I’m not going to give in and cancel cos I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the long run but boy am I struggling at the moment,

Sorry I aint logged on for a while but all you thoughts would be welcome.

Clemy X

Hi, I was much the same as you I waited two and half years. Having the recon was one of the best things I’ve done. It makes such a difference to be able to wear exactly what you want. Mine isn’t finished yet will be having the permanent implant end of May beginning of June and also implant on good side to even things up (there has to be some bonus in having had BC). Go for it its easy after what you have been through. All the best


Hi Clemy

Good to hear you’ve been doing ok. I had a mastectomy last October and opted for a reconstruction almost immediately, so have had a tissue expander in since then. It’s definitely done its job and almost looks like a normal boob, minus a nipple of course ! As I was quite small chested, I’ve opted to go up a size.

My op will be sometime in April, where I will then go up to a 36C in both breasts !

I know its scary, but try and think positively - you’ll have a fab pair of boobs to show off in the summer (well, ok, maybe not completely showing them all off, but a cleavage at least!).

Wishing you all the very best - onwards and upwards ! You’ll be fine.

Love Julie xx

Hi Clemy, I have just had an expander put in 3 weeks ago and cant wait to get the end result. For me reconstruction was the ‘prize’ as it were of going through what we have all been through and as I, like you was small chested have opted to go bigger just because I can courtesy of the NHS! Selfish I know but why not? my surgeon said I could have whatever I wanted so I am - some good has to come from all of this! He has also has given by remaining boob a lift and will put an implant in when he puts the implant in on the other side so woo hoo bigger perkier breasts all round! If you can get into the same frame of mind as me then you will be fine lol!
All the best, chin up
Clarabelle x