hi all,i had my recon with ld flap on 15th april,i was in surgery 7 hours,when asked why it took so long the nurses said the ps was good and always made sure evrything was ok,sinse ive had the surgery ive got a really dry cough its making me have a bad head,and not able to rest for long without coughing is this normal x

hi drabble,

Hope all well with surgery. It is a long time (mine was 5) Not too sure about dry cough, but physio nurses explained to me that as surgery was lengthy too the lungs cannot clear mucus etc as efficiently so good to be able to cough everything up they said. Hopefully this will clear for you soon. What I did find was that skin and hair suffered badly from anaesthetic and it took good 6-8 weeks of eating fresh food, drinking lots of fluids and using moisturisers to help hydration of both. Hopefully your follow up appointment is not too far away if this is still troublesome.

Hi Drabble,

I had my recon on 24th March a massive 12.5 hours and too had a really tickly cough, for the first 3 weeks, GP and surgeon have all said its probably being under anethetic for so long and the airway pipe? Im still getting breathless 4.5 weeks in and Doc has precribed some linctus which really helps and steam inhalation really helped to. (doesnt help i have horrible hayfever too) and coughing and sneezing is really fun with my Diep tummy scar!!

Hope this helps


Hi Drabble, glad it went well. It’s normal to have a tickly cough because of the intubation and long surgery. If it doesn’t clear up in the next week or so, I’d go to see the GP but it should be fine. xx