Reconstruction after lumpectomy

Good Afternoon everyone
On June 5th I had WLE on right breast with immediate reconstruction after being diagnosed high grade DCIS. At the same time I had the left side reduced to match. A week and a half on I am in pain underneath both breasts where my post surgery bra (bought specially) is digging into the wound site. I have been surfing the net for bras that will sit lower than the wound area and would welcome any tips? I have looked longingly at the Genie bra that seems to have a wide band below the breast. In the past I have been unable ever to consider such a flimsy style as my breasts were heavy (42D) but as I am now reduced to B/C cup and still swollen the Genie looks soooooo comfy! i know this seems a minor issue compared to some of the ladies on here, but I thought I would ask if anyone has any advice?

Thanks JF


I have put for you below BCC’s publication ‘A confident choice’ I hope you find it helpful.

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Jo, Facilitator

Jasminflower59 I’m sorry to read of your pain and I know what you mean in the comfy bra hunt. Those Genie bras are over priced even in Asda. What I found that works for a third of the cost is a bra sold at Sainsbury’s. It’s a stretchy bra, just like Genie and I’ve got in on now, as I sleep in it as well because it’s so comfortable. The band below the stretchy cups is well, looks to be a inch wide and wide comfy shoulder straps - very much like a workout brad and the longer you have them and wash them, the better they feel. I’m small and buy the medium (I’m a a/b) so buy a large and you can’t go wrong. They cost £5 and when the Sains clothing 25% off sale is on I always by two. Sains makes some like these with cups and lace, and those are not the ones I’m talking about, these are plain, no cups - all stretchy and come in black and white and at times I’ve seen beige. I don’t wear lace any longer as when wearing a bra 24/7, lace is chafing. I wish you a smooth, less painful recovery and I think you may like these bras as much as I have. LB, x