reconstruction after radiotherapy

reconstruction after radiotherapy

reconstruction after radiotherapy Could anyone please tell me.

If one has had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy and then finds that a mastectomy is needed, is a reconstruction still possible? (Because of the radiotherapy I mean).


Publication Hi Anthi

Breast cancer care produce a fact sheet on reconstruction which you may find useful. It can be down loaded from the following link:-

I hope you find this helpful.

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Thank you. I will have a look at that.


Hi Anthi I had mastectomy in march 04 and had radio I have had reconstruction with an ld flap which I have to say looks fantastic. I opted for a second mastectomy on right side for risk reducing reasons with an expander put in. Had to have this removed as got
infection after infection. Have now had another ld on that side and so
far so good. So I would seriously think about it its great to feel somewhat normal again.

So my bad side if you like operation went swimmingly my good side
not so good maybe I should have left well alone, but it seems to
be working out in the end.

Good Luck. Sorry not so good with typing messages.

karen x

Hi Karen

Many thanks for your reply

Best wishes


Hi Anthi

I have had mastectomy, full node clearance, chemo and rads.

I have been told fine for recon but 12 months after rads finished.