reconstruction at Addenbrooke's

A couple of weeks ago I learned that I am going to have a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction at Addenbrooke’s. I have been assigned Mr Irwin as my plastic surgeon.

I wonder if anyone had a similar operation at Addenbrooke’s…? Any advice…? T

This is unchartered territory for me and I am getting a little nervious…


Whst type of reCON. IS he is PS? Don’t let a breast surgeon do a reCON. They can work together, the BS can butcher you while the PS can step in and restore you to some sort of shape/contour. Hopefully you don’t need one of the dreaded implants.

Hi Lampochka

I had my mastectomy with immediate recon at the Cambridge Nuffield hospital and Mr Irwin was my plastic surgeon. I had an LD flap with an implant and I’ve been very pleased with the result.

Please try not to be nervous you’ll be in very good hands, Mr Irwin is an excellent surgeon. Do you know which type of recon you’ll be having? I had an LD flap and it wasn’t too painful. I was in hospital for about 7 days and was back at work in about 6 weeks.

Good Luck!

Barbara x

Hi Lampochka, I too had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with an LD flap. The results are good and I am pleased with the result…I had my operation in 1989! Hope yurs goes without complications, like mine did. You are bound to be worried and anxious but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I wish you well. Love Val

Thank you so much for all your advice and reassurance!

I’ve now met with Mr Irwin, the plastic surgeon (do not yet know who my breast surgeon will be for sure…). It looks like I’m choosing between ‘pure’ implants and LD flap. Something to think about this weekend!

Hi Lampochka, I know you will be thinking about your operation over the weekend. If you have any more questions about your decision and need to ask anything about an LD Flap please feel free to ask. LOve Val