Reconstruction effects on activity

I’ve just finished chemo and am scheduled for surgery around the 8th October. This is looking like a mastectomy followed by reconstuction 6 months later using an implant and lat muscle and skin. I am a very active person who does a lot of gym work and motor racing and am concerned that this operation will affect my strength on the affected side. Although the plastic surgeon assures me it “shouldn’t” have any real effect…is there anyone out there who has experienced this type of surgery who is a sporty type and how have you overcome any problems.

Sally X

Hi Sally
Haven’t got experience of lat d reconstruction myself but I went to see someone who had had one done. I saw her about 3-4 months after the op and she was back playing golf as she was before the op. She said she didn’t feel as if she’d lost any strength in her right side. She did do all the exercises recommended by the physio. Is there any chance they could do an immediate reconstruction as this would save you having 2 lots of surgery?
I had my mastectomy March 2005 and have decided to have a diep flap reconstruction. Am waiting to hear - should be some time in October.
Good luck

Hi Sally

I had a LD reconstruction in June and still have a lot of discomfort at the site. Nobody really explained how it would feel and I thought that by now I would feel okay and have full movement but I don’t. I have done all the exercises and muscles are still tight. It’s a weird feeling as when you sneeze or cough your boob jumps but hoping for it to ease soon.


I am fairly new to this site and still busy looking through old topics. This of which is one of them. I have bc in 2002 with mx and reconstruction from my back. At the time I had 3 horses and rode again a month after surgery and was back mucking out in no time. I have been diagnosed again in Dec 07 and had mx again on other side with recon from back 4 weeks ago. I am back at the stables and mucking out. Haven’t tried lifting yet and can’t ride as my horse is only a baby. I don’t feel I have any weakness at all in either my back or arm muscles down the line after my ops. Good luck hope yours went well.