Hi everyone

I am in a real confused state as to which way to go.
I am going to have a mx with immediate recon.
Has anyone had recon using implants?
Any help and personal experiances would be great.


Hello Juddyduddy

Difficult decision I know! Lots more people will be along soon with their experiences.

I had LD Flap immediate recon last November. You prob know this but the surgeon takes muscle from your back and swings it round the front to make a new boob. I have a scar half way across my back, but this is covered by my bra strap. I have a scar under my boob and one where the nipple was down the front, but these are fading fast. I also had an implant to make me into a lovely C/D cup. I have to have reduction on my right boob later this year so I’m not lopsided!

I have to say, I am delighted with the results. It was the right decision for me to go to sleep with 2 breasts and wake up with 2 and I was amazed at how it looked immediately after surgery. The surgery itself was a long op and I spent 6 days in hospital and I did feel like I’d been run over for the first few days. I’d say I was feeling good 4 weeks later and off the painkillers.

Three months down the line, it still feels slightly hard and tight across my back, but this is easing all the time. If I could post you a picture to show you I would!

I don’t think this type of surgery is suitable to everyone. I think there is a leaflet you can send off for from this website on reconstruction.

HOpe this helps a bit. Take your time in making your decision though, don’t feel rushed. I asked to see pictures of surgery that the surgeon had performed beforehand and that helped me see exactly what is achieveable. I was also very, very pleased with my surgeon and totally trusted him to do a good job!

Keep us posted!


Hi Juddyduddy,

I had MX and immediate recon last July. I chose DIEP / free tram flap. It was long op (about 10 hours) and I was hospital for 5 days and like Rachel would say it was really about 4 weeks before I began to feel anything like myself again. And also like Rachel, I would agree that it is great to wake up and still have 2 breasts, I was initially thrilled and still have no regrets about having it done, though it has changed and hardened and lifted considerably in the last 6 months.
Sorry I have no experience of implants … which is why I chose the DIEP as it was a one time deal and no future maintenance required.

Best wishes



Just thought I would share with you my experience.

I have double mx with immediaste recon in Aug 2010.
I had the strattice, which involves using implants and a mesh that eincourages your own tissue to grow to support the implant. It has the advantage of a quicker recovery, and not needing to use tissue/muscle from anyother part of you body.

would thoroughly recommend it.

If you search for strattice in this site, you will find more info
good luck

Hi Juddyduddy

I am posting a link to the BCC publication about reconstruction which you may find useful along with the shared experiences you have here:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/107/

Best wishes

Thank you lovely ladies for your experiances in recon.
I had my appointment with the plastic surgeon last week and she seemed to expect me to make a descion there and then. I am a bit worried about the recovery time with using my own body tissue. As I have a young children I am looking for something that means a quick recovery time.
Had my results today from my SLNB thank goodness all clear.
Guess I need to do a lot more reading.

Thanks again


Hi, I chose to have implants only. I am only 5ft so the back/tummy flaps would still have needed implants as well. My surgeon agreed from the start that the implant only option was best for me. I have a 5 year old so like you was keen to ensure minimum time in hospital and recovering. I had the op on the 20th Jan and 3 weeks on and still bruised and a bit sore but getting a lot better. They look amazing. To most people you would have no idea that they had been done. Feel free to email me if you want any more info.
good luck with making a decision.