Reconstruction in the Lancashire area

I’m two years past Mastectomy now and wanting to have a recon June / July next year (I say june / July because I work in a school and don’t want to take too much time away).

As anyone had a recon in the Lancashire area? I live in Blackpool and don’t really want to travel too far away from home.

Hi Linda,

What type of reconstruction are you considering? I live in the north west and had an LD flap reconstruction in January.

Hi Ruby,

Sorry I’ve not been able to get online since August.

This is it really, I don’t know what kind of recon to have. I’m bothered about LD because my back is bad enough - pain wise, without adding to it.
But, I had a caesarian section 17 years ago, so I kind of get the feeling I may not be able to have anything taken from my tummy, plus, my other boob is large…ish, so I guess I might be better having that made smaller…it seems to go on and on.

I just wondered how far I would have to travel away from home or are there some good surgeons in my area?

Thanks again Ruby