Reconstruction not right new op needed. Advice needed!

Hi all,

I’m hoping I can pick your brains. I had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction using LD flap method (though my surgeon does it slightly differently to others) in June. The gel and saline implant has never really softened and is very uncomfortable though I understand that this is also due to the fact that it has been inflated beyond what would be acceptable in order to make the skin looser to give a better effect(?!). Also the port for inflation is a little bit irritating, will be nice to get rid of that!

Since my back muscle has come back into work the muscle base of the implant has tightened causing the recon to be too high and an odd shape! It has been deemed necessary to remove this implant and replace it with, I think, just a gel one, I’m thinking tear drop shape. This is scheduled for 10th December but I have a meeting with my surgeon (a very skilled man who doesn’t require a plastic surgeon in with him as he is very good at that side of things too)on 12th November to discuss the way forward, that will be a week after I finish chemo on 3rd (so excited!).

I have decided to have the op before Christmas so that I can, hopefully, start the New Year with a clean slate and make the move towards strength and fitness. Christmas will just have to be different this year.

I was hoping that some of you would have some advice as to what I should be discussing with the surgeon. Maybe you have found info that I haven’t that suggests some implant types are better than others.

Would love your input!

Lee x