Reconstruction or no Reconstruction

Hi there after recently having 2 lumpectomies I’m now booked in for a full mastectomy at the end of January. I don’t want a breast implant as my mother had breast cancer and had an implant and before she died had a horrific experience. I’ve opted for no Reconstruction but I’m only 40 and am struggling with the issue of not having a boob there. I’m quite large busted at DD and feel that this will mean a massive adjustment.
I’ve looked into flap reconstruction whereby you have a part of your stomach tissue removed to build a new breast but that operation looks challenging. Has anyone had this operation and what was your experience. Also how have people got on with larger books with no Reconstruction. Really confused. Haven’t seen my breast care nurse yet for advice and feel lost?

Hi Amanda,


I’m 49 and a size F cup. I’ve just had a mastectomy and have no intention of having a reconstruction.  Like you my Mum had a breast reconstruction straight after her mastectomy and had a horrible time with it. (She also died of BC).


I’ve only got a soft boob at the moment, but will be getting a prosthetic in about 5 weeks time. My soft boob does move a little, which just makes everyone laugh.  I work in an all male environment, so will be going back to the office on 9 January, with a slightly skewed boob - but I really don’t care about other people’s opinions. 


I’m just glad it’s been cut off. 


(I just wear my normal bra with the softie in the other cup).

Thanks so much Silver lady for sharing your experience. I’m glad your doing well and are returning to work soon. I’ve been off work for 2 months now due to various operations and just want to get my life back now. Can I be nosy and ask how long your recovery took after your mastectomy xx

Hi Amanda - I’m still recovering, it will be 3 weeks on Tuesday. 


I was really lucky that my surgeon tried a new procedure where he used tissue glue and this meant I didn’t have a drain.  I had full use of my arm, but was very bruised and had to sit up to sleep on the sofa 3 nights when I got back home. My biggest help was a heart shaped cushion from ‘flat friends’ online.  It was the perfect shape to put under my armpit and I am still using it now to sleep.


I have had a large seroma, and did have to go and get it drained a couple of days ago, which has made me a bit sore.  But, today, I have stripped and made beds, washed windows, done loads of washing. But I haven’t and won’t lift anything heavy for 4 weeks. I’m going to have a go at driving on Monday.


Hope this all helps.



Hi Susan

Wow only 3 weeks nearly since your op. It sounds like your doing really well. Will mention the tissue glue with my consultant when I see him next week. Will also look to order the same cushion over the next week. Thank you for your help and guidance it’s really appreciated.

Mand xx

Hi Amanda


i am an E cup and had a MX on 1/6, no reconstruction. I was referred for a DIEP flap reconstruction at the same time but it was taking ages to arrange and I was worried that the potential complications could delay chemo starting. So I opted for straightforward MX and recovered really well. Had a seroma which was drained once then was reabsorbed but was feeling good after two weeks and able to start chemo at week 5. I did all the exercises religiously and have always had a good range of movement. My scar is a bit tighter after radiotherapy but hoping this will settle. 


I am pleased that my treatment was not delayed at any stage and I have got used to having just one boob but I don’t like it. My prosthesis is really natural looking so externally no one would know but I do. I am not sure I can face any more surgery to have a delayed reconstruction but there is no rush to make a decision I guess. 


Good luck to you. X