Reconstruction postponed again!

I was due to go in to hospital on the 5th Aug for my LD reconstruction . I had previously been told that I would receive an admissions letter , failing this about a week ago, I rang to find out why I hadn’t received a pre op assessment appointment. I was told my op was still scheduled for the 5th Aug and would receive both letters shortly. So plans were made , holidays delayed and generally life put on hold. I work in a school and my previous date for the op was to be the Easter holiday. This was postponed without a reason! This time is appears my plastic surgeon is on holiday during August! I rang back and asked for some kind of idea as to when I could expect my new appointment as was told mid Oct!! Why do they give a date knowing full well the surgeon isn’t going to be there? Has anyone else experienced similar? I feel its one long waiting game and some of the people I work with haven’t helped by suggesting ’ I wouldn’t bother, you look fine how you are!’ Some people I work with have no idea how it feels to be in this position and I expected to receive support from at least some of them. They obviously have no idea how dissapointing it is when you prepare for such a big op.


Hi Jo

I am sorry to read your news, I am sure some of our users will be able to understand your diappointment and if you feel it would help to speak to one of our helpliners please feel free to call on 0808 800 6000, lines open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat

Take care


Hi Jube
I really feel for you, as i can see what a huge disappointment this must be for you and understandably so!
You are right, the LD is big op and you have been let down twice now, which is not good.
I really do hope you get an earlier slot - could you ring the PS’s sectretary and expain you would be available should a cancellation come through?
As for your work colleagues, unless any of them have walked your path they will not understand. They might think they do and the comments may be well meaning, BUT it is your body and mind and if YOU want recon to make YOU feel better about yourself, then that is YOUR perogative and no one elses!

Take care and fingers crossed the hospital gets its act together soon!

Naz xxx

Hi Jube
I too have had cancelled surgery for reconstruction twice. I understand how your feeling its very frustrating and the waiting for another appointment gets unbearable at times. Its the emotional roller coaster feeling that gets to you. As you say you have to put your life on hold and put things into place regarding work and teenagers in my case.
I had one operation cancelled on the day I was due to go in and they left a message on my answer phone at home and didn’t even try my mobile. I was so angry because of other things that have happened I put a complaint into the hospital,
I have since had my tissue expander fitted and am now waiting to have implant fitted but decided to have a holiday first so won’t be having it until at least the end of August but as yet surprise surprise no appointment date.
Ignore the people who comment about you having reconstruction they haven’t been down the long road you have and don’t have to live everyday with a constant reminder of what they’ve been through.
I hope you get an appointment soon the waiting is awful
Chris xx

Hi Jube
Very similar thing happened to me. My surgery was postponed twice and it was so emotionally hard and upsetting and really upset everybody as you really gear yourself up for it. The first time it was postponed about a week before, due to an urgent case that had come up, the second time was literally the day before my surgery, the surgeon broke his finger! It was pretty horrific and I was more in shock the second time than the first as I was literally about to pack my bags! I was also looking for work and both times had to put off applying for permanent positions because I knew I’d be off work for about 6 weeks. I totally get how you feel and really sympathise.
Ruby xx

Hi Ladies, Thanks so much for all of your lovely supportive replies! I carried on persuing the postponed op and rang the consultant secretary yesterday and really stood my ground! I said that if I wasn’t offered another date I would be making an official complaint to the hospital about the way I had been dealt with and about the failing of te consultant secretary to notify me about te postponement of the op.The PA completely changed her tune! telling me that she would speak to the plastic surgeon this morning. Halliluyah!! at least for the time being, I’ve been booked in for 9th Sept! maybe that too might not be possible if an emergency case comes in, I fully understand that but for the time being its great news and at least I’ve got a plan now. Naz, Preston_girl and Ruby girl, you so know where I’m coming from, thanks again for the cyber support, it means so much when people you think would understand really have NO idea what it is like, its been a long journey since April 2011 but im keeping everything crossed! I’ll keep you guys posted ! :slight_smile:

Apologies I meant to write Ruby 1 ( not Ruby girl)
Jo x

Yay go girl!
I have everything crossed for you Jube and so glad you stood your ground.
I have found that the only people who TRULY understand, are those who have walked the path, it is that simple. Otherwise, you can’t know how it really is, despite people’s best efforts.
Naz xxxx

Hi Naz, I’m feeling really pleased with myself for following it through,I feel empowered today :slight_smile: I think there are times when taking a stand is necessary don’t you? I’m not mentioning anything to work colleagues about my new op date but have called the Buisness Manager at School today, I had a frosty response when I told him the to re aranged date for the 9th Sept which will be beginning of new Term. Still it can’t be helped can it, you have to grab when ever the op date becomes available. How are you now following your most recent procedure? I have followed your posts over recent months. You are so right you have to have walked this path. I lost my lovely Sister Julie at te age of 54 to this hideous disease back on Aug 8th 2010 four months before my own diagnosis, and if anyone thinks they know how WE all feel on here know about the emothional and physical implications that cancer causes they REALLY have no idea unless they or someone they love has experienced it. Take care.
Jo xxx

Hi Jube
I am so pleased to read that you felt empowered yesterday -well done you! :slight_smile:
Employers can be frosty if they want, but at the end of the day, as you say, you need to grab what date they can offer you with both hands - it is after all your body and mind.
I am doing very well since my last (and final procedure) of this recon journey.
It has been a very long road with many ups and downs along the way, but i finally feel that i have made it to the end now, thanks to an amazing PS who took me under his wing :slight_smile: I owe him alot!
I am also sorry to hear of the loss of your sister to this disease, it is such a hideous disease to come into contact with and as you say, unless people have walked our path, they cannot possibly know the impact it has both physically, emotiomnally and mentally.

You take care and stand your ground with that hospital!
Take no nonsense and all the very best with your forthcoming op.
Keep in touch
Naz xx

Hi Naz, Thanks again for your continuing support! It really means a lot. :slight_smile: I will definatley take no nonsense! I will Keep the pressure on the hospital so as not to be forgotten in the system! lol :slight_smile:
Ill keep in touch
Jo xx

Hi Jube,
On the work front I think schools think they’re the only places which have to juggle people being off and the inconvenience it causes. Your previous ops would have been in school holidays, as you say you have to grab the slot you’re given, it can’t be helped. I have always worked in schools as a teacher and there is always this pressure to get things done in holidays and rush back as quickly as possible. Fingers crossed it happens on the 9th and make sure you take the time to fully recover.
I’ve just been given my date verbally over the phone for 20th August. I’m not working at the moment but will be looking for something for January. Again consultants etc dont really understand that in education on the teaching side, there are only certain windows of opportunity where you can apply for jobs. I’d been told originally my op would be around March, then June ( these were not actual dates just possible timings) so I really hope it goes ahead as scheduled.
All the very best and if I forget to post nearer the time, hopefully it’s because I’m recovering from my tram flap !
Gaynor xxx

Hi GMT, As you rightly say there is the pressure on us to have medical procedures during school hols and not during term time. I explained to the school Buisness manager yesterday that I really had planned around hols firstly for Easter and then Aug, he agreed that I needed to accept new date for op but really sounded annoyed when I told him how long I’m likely to be off school.
I was off previously for a full twelve months to have MX, chemo, lymph node removal but returned to work during radiotherapy, so had a fair lengh of time off, lI’m a TA and currently working wth one statemented pupil in a Secondary school, provision was already made to cover my absence for the first few weeks of September anyway. I told him on Thursday that op had been cancelled and hadn’t been given another date, then yesterday I had phone call to say I have new date for 9th Sept. Another TA who left yesterday to start teacher training is available to cover my abscence during September before she starts her course in Oct, so school will only need to get cover for another month or so. I’m not going to worry about it though, it can’t be helped can it?
Consultants really don’t consider the bigger picture either do they, each time I asked for op to be during hols it hasn’t worked out. I’m hoping this time it will! Good luck with your date for the 2oth Aug for your tram flap. Take care.
Jo xxx

Hi Jo,
I was a SENCO in a high school before dx Feb 2012, so know how incredibly hard you work. I know I said it in my last post but you really must take the time to get fully better. Even if your school is very good, once you are back they think you are fine. And the kids, through no fault of their own, expect you to be you once your’re back! I really wasn’t enjoying my job so decided to resign and hoped to have had my recon by now with a view to going back to work this Sept! Never mind, hopefully I’ll find work after my recon.
All the best,
Gaynor xx

Thanks for reply GMT Ill keep you posted !
Jo xx

Hi Jo,
have had written confirmation of op on 20th August. Got pre op stuff on Tues, so it is starting to feel real! Will keep you posted on how it goes and fingers crossed yours ( and mine) go ahead as scheduled!
Take care,

Gaynor xx

Hi GMT, I wish you the very best for your op on the 20th August, I imagine it is feeling very real now! I have now had written confirmation for pre op assessment for 27th Aug and 9th Sept as op date so fingers crossed no cancellation between now and then :slight_smile: Keep me posted when you’re able. Take care.

Jo xx