reconstruction waiting times?

hi everyone i was diagnosed last january having just had my 40th birthday.I have had a mastectomy chemo rads and now on tamoxifen and herceptin.

Met the plastic surgeon last week to be told the waiting list is 18 months!!!

I find this hard to swallow as i cant get back to “normal” till this is done.

Is this the same all over or is it just dumfries and galloway health board?

Hi Iron Lady,

that does sound tough when you’ve got all geared up for something.

I am in Cornwall, the wait list is always within 3 months from when the surgeon gives you the ok for the op. BUT they will not do anything at all until at least a year from finishing rads. This is to give your skin time to recover properly. Like you I had mx and chemo and I finished rads in nov 09. I have just had my very first little lipofill ready for the implant in 3 months. I thought I was well last year but looking back it did take all that time to recover properly and its actually flown by. I also drastically changed what I wanted in that time and went from - ‘do everything to make it look perfect’ to ‘do as little as possible’.

I have had a brief period of normal and its now back into it again- Hence me on the sofa on a work day writing this!- Its actually horrid being the ill person again but remember its not the same road emotionally this time round.

good luck- Naomi

Hi iron lady, I was dx dec10, had mx chemo and rads. I had my 40th birthday in the middle of tads. I was told I wouldn’t have my recon until a year after rads finished which will be September. I have seen the plastic surgeon, a specialist nurse and had a ct scan last week to check my blood vessels. I meet the plastic surgeon again on 2nd Feb and if everything is ok, I’ll then be put on the waiting list. I have been told this is 1 year long. I was a bit disappointed as I just want to move on. I’m in Surrey and being treated at the marsden xx

Hi ironlady

I’m in D&G too!! Live in Dumfries. I was DX May 2009, had a lumpectomy and then had a double MX in August 2010 (at Western General) due to high risk of cancer coming back.

Let me know if I can do anything.

She xx

P.S. I’m 41