reconstruction with an implant and reduction and uplift on other breast

Hello everyone,
Had an expandable implant put in left mastectomy site, and a reduction and uplift on the right breast at the same time 5 weeks ago. It took me 2 years to make the decision but now im wondering why i didnt do it sooner! The pain from the expandable implant site is now subsiding after a few weeks of cramp like pain and I have had no pain in the right breast whatsoever! and it looks fab! I am only starting the inflation programme in January and Im looking forward to having a cleavage back again in a few months time ! Cant wait!

I would say to anyone thinking about having this done to go ahead with confidence providing u have a reputable plastic surgeon, and think positive!


Rosebud 454
Hi Debbie, Glad you are happy with recon. I too am hoping to have one next year (2 1/2 years after mastec) and have waivered in that time - shall i, shan,t i. I have been recommended ld with implant, I’m size 36c but don’t really want my natural breast touching. What size are you if you dont mind me asking and why did you go for expander instead of implant and why have your nat boob uplifted?
Rosie x

Hi rosie,
I was a size 36 dd and my right boob was quite floppy. I too felt like u, when having my right breast reduced and uplifted was first suggested, as I felt quite protective about it, but I have to be honest and say Im thrilled with it. Because I have had a mastectomy, it has to be an expander to allow the skin to stretch gradually over time. I was told that they would only be able to stretch it so far and that was the reason for the reduction on the other breast. I havent been measured since the op but im currently wearing 36d sports bras for comfort. They uplifted my boob because it was so floppy! Believe me Rosie! You wont be disappointed!

Debbie x