Reconstruction with implant only

I had breast cancer last year which luckily was stage 1 and so I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy.

Due to family haitory I had a gene test and have BRAC2 mutation and so have been advised to potentially have double masectomy with reconstruction. I have been offered implant only or implant with ld flap. I am currently thinking that i will go with implant only as I am not sure I want to lose my back muscle. I play tennis and do other sports and so was afraid it might affect this as I am still quite young (39). Has anyone found it a problem with this muscle gone?

Thank you

Hy sorry to hear your sad news re double mx. I also carry the same gene but took the cowards way out and just had mx of breast affected by cancer.
That was 3 years ago. In May this year i had a Ld recon using back muscle. I have had no problems whatsoever with muscle being taken from my back. But i know they don’t recommend the op for people who are sporty like you. Have you mentioned all this to your surgeon? My mum lost both her breasts at the age of 70 due to cancer, she had recon with just implants as they managed to save enough of her skin and nipples to reuse. She was given chicken fillets to make her boobs look as full as they had before cancer as they were a lot smaller after her recon.
Don’t know if my reply has helped but i would suggest you talk to your surgeon and are aware of all your choices.
Good luck x

Hi Emary,

I don’t know if this will help you or not but I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication regarding reconstruction, it’s an animation explaining all the different reconstruction procedures.

If you would like to talk to someone in more detail then please do phone the helpline, the staff will be only too happy to talk to you about this. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 open M-F 9-5 and Sat 9-2.


Hope this helps. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hello Emary and Mounties

I will keep this brief, though should you wish to private message me, that’s fine.

I had an LD flap last Christmas on my righthand breast following total mastectomy 13 months earlier. I am over the moon with the result.

With the lefthand breast, the (healthy) breast tissue was removed and replaced with an implant (i.e. no piece of muscle/skin/fat taken from the back). The result has been not nearly as good as the reconstructed side with LD flap as the implant is rippling through and when I bend forward, there is no roundness to the top half of the breast.

So much so that next Monday I am going in for an LD flap on the healthy side - it is the only way I shall achieve symmetry. I am sure the PS thinks I am potty “wanting to go through all that again”, but to be honest, the blood they took at last week’s pre-op was more painful than the LD flap op (because my veins are hard following chemo).

In hindsight, i.e. with the benefit of the knowledge and experience I have had, I would have opted for a double mastectomy 2 years ago, let that all sort itself out (and I had to go through 25 x radiotherapy), and then have a double recon with LD flap.

Hope this helps.

Bubs XX