I am over 60 and have DCIS have been told need Mastectomy but prob no chemo or rad but offered recontruction at same time as mastectomy
but at diff hospital so will have to wait for referal to plastic surgeon I can have mastecomy in 10 days and reconsrtuction at later date if I choose. I do not know whether to get it all over with in one op or wait. Has anyone had same decisions to make

Hello Tanar

I’m so sorry that you have to make this decision. I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with tissue expanders last January.

I can only speak from my own own experience but I am so pleased I made that decision. I felt that once under the anaethsetic I might as well have everything done at once and it was so good to wake up with breasts even though they were very small at first!

Some surgeons aren’t happy to do an immediate reconstruction if you are having rads but in your case this wouldn’t be a problem.
Whatever you decide I wish you well.
Look after yourself
Hugs xx

i also had dcis had a mx with recon on the 29 nov it was the right choice for me im 43 and got 2 boys who i take swimming quite often so for me i needed a shape. I wanted the whole thing over and done with 1 op rather than 2.I didnt want to be still thinking of this in months to come. I had the diep recon and having a bit of bother from breast leaking but being told this is normal tummy healing well hope this helps any questions just ask but got to say the thought of the op is much worse than the op if that makes sense xx

hi, i am a newbie to the forums.
I am 44 yrs old with a very supportive husband and two sons aged 8 and 18.
I was diagnosed with bc last month and had lumpectomy but now have been told i need mastectomy as the cancer was more widespread within the breast than anticipated. They have advised me to have both breasts off with immediate reconstruction - probably tram flap or diep. There is a family link of breast and ovarian cancer, but have not yet been screened. Also i have had previous chemo years ago for Leukemia (which is completely cured) and my consultant is concerned that my bone marrow wouldnt be able to cope with further chemo if it was needed in the future. Fortunately I dont need chemo now. Hence reduce the risk and take the good one as well.
I am seeing the plastic surgeon tomorrow so will have a better idea then how it will be done. To be honest I just want it done ASAP to get over and done with, and I am relieved that they are going to do it all in one op. I wouldnt want to wait and have to go through surgery again.
Good luck with your op though Tanar whichever decision you come to!

Hi Tanar,

I didn’t have to make the same decision as you, but I did have a left MX with immediate recon in July following chemo and prior to rads. I had DIEP and although it is a big op and slow recovery, I am very pleased that I went with that option and don’t regret it despite the fact that I had an infection and the new breast has lifted and tightened due to scar tissue. However, on reflection I think that I would have been quite comfortable without a breast as the difference between my two breasts now doesn’t bother me at all and I have decided against a lift or lipofill to my ‘good’ breast. It surprised me how quickly I adjusted to my new body and the difference in appearance and size of my breasts doesn’t bother me at all. I do know that this isn’t the case for everyone though. I was 49. If you have any questions regarding DIEP and my experience I happy to answer them.

Hi Tanar

I was in exactly the same situation as you two years ago. To help me make my decision I saw the breast reconstruction nurse. After going through everything with her I was surprised how complicated breast reconstruction is. Like most people I thought it was relatively easy until I looked into it.

I made the decision to have the mastectomy first then wait to see if I wanted a delayed reconstruction. Up to now I still haven’t had a reconstruction, I just want to get on with my life and I don’t want to have more surgery.

After my op I took time to sort my breast form out and I went to a specialist shop to have a bra fitted and I am quite happy with how I look with my clothes on. Obviously it has been harder to come to terms with how I look without my clothes on but I am getting on with my life - and I am alive (that’s the most important thing). I do get down still about losing my breast but most of the time I don’t think about it. Being confident with my breast form and underwear helps.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Maude xx

Thanks Maud
I am going to see plastic surgeon today as I am still undecided.
Perhaps today we will all be able to decide which way forward is best for me.

Let us know how you get on.

Maude xx

How did your appointment go Maude?


Hi Jacqui

I think your posting was for Tanar :wink: I would like to know how she got on at her appointment too and what she decided to do.

Maude xx