reconstruction? hi ladies i was wondering if any one can help, my brief history i have IDC grade 2/3 5cm, ive had mascectomy last july then i had chemo then rads to chest wall which i finished in january this year and now im having herceptin for 1 year, my question is would i be a likly cadidate for reconstruction, at the time before my op they asked me if i had given recon a thought and i said i didnt want it at that time and maybe i would consider in the future, well now im seriously thinking about it as i feel like a freak with only one boob and im sick of not being able to wear the clothes i used to wear ie; low cut tops etc, whilst im still having herceptin do you think i would be able to have recon? and if so what type of recon could i have? ive heard of the becker implant would this be suitable? any info would be great thanks xxx suzee

Hi there. Hi Susie,
As you know I had my recon at the same time as my mast last July as I was so frightened of surgery and decided to get it over with in one operation.
As far as I can remember my plastic surgeon did say that I could have a recon at a later date if I decided.
Have you talked to your doctor at the hospital as I’m sure they will have details of which recon would be best for you. There are a few different procedures, I had the tram flap one using the muscle and tissue from my stomach, so got a tummy tuck at the same time… Don’t think it will be a problem having it done while on herceptin.
Let me know how you get on.
Best wishes, Michelle.

thanx shell! hi shell nice to hear from you again, i dont fancy anything too painful like taking slices of my back and stomach i was thinking more the becker implant have you heard of it? its a saline implant that puts the saline in to fil it up over a period of a few months i think it gradually stretches the skin. i thought some ladies on hear might have had it done and could advise. i go to see my onc in july and im going to ask her what the possibilities are. thanks shell for replying keep in touch speak to you soon xxx suzee

suzee I’m penciled in to have my recon done on july 11th this year,
i’m on herceptin { well i was i’m on a break till june, as my heart
score has gone too low }

My surgeon did tell me she could not do the OP while i am on Herceptin but my plastic surgeon said i’d be fine as she’d done ladys recons before while they were on Herceptin.

i’m having a Diep, so getting a boob job and a tummy tuck at the same time !

i feel the same as you, i hate having to stuff my bra every morning and cant wait to take my falsey off when i’m home.

Good luck with your recon and i hope you decide on the one you want.

kim x

Hi Suzee I had a mastectomy in November 2003, was going to wait a year for a recon but got fed up with feeling asymmetrical so about 9 months later I had the chest expander put in, it about an hour op, which didn’t phase me one little bit. Then I had to keep going back to the recon surgeon (who I really felt at home with) every few weeks to get saline solution put in. I had heard that this hurts, but he said that some surgeons just overdo the pumping up each time and pulls on the skin. I never once had pain from a session, just a bit of discomfort. Tell him you want no more than 20 mls put in at a time…it took until the November for my skin to stretch to a 36c. Then I waited til Christmas was over and went in the January and had the chest expander taken out and the silicone boob put it.

Unfortunately it did become hard and painful, it was scarring tissue apparently. I booked in for a recon of the recon (with the same recon surgeon as he wasn’t negligent, it happens quite a bit apparently. But then I went down with brain cancer so had to recover from all that and have just had the op for the recon to be redone, they also tattooed the nipple. (When he did the reconstruction he also made a nipple from the skin from a small tummy tuck…it was so small I hardly felt it and my stomach seemed to be bigger!! ha ha).

I actually wrote a day by day diary on the whole reconstruction thing, so if you are having the same done I don’t in the least mind copying it all off and sending it to you, if you give me your email address. If it helps you I will be grateful to do it.

I do not regret it, I live in South Africa so I wear lowish Tshirts, bathing costume a lot, and I felt really conscious of wearing a prosthesis, especially when I bent over. I hope all goes well.

thanks roz! hi there roz thanks for the reply, gosh you,ve been through the mill! as if breast cancer wasnt enough then brain cancer i cant imagine what you have been through, i thought id been hard done by then listening to your story makes mine seem petty, anway thanks for the info it sounds abit uncomfortable but i will see my onc in july and see if she will put me in touch with a good surgeon and go from there, its good to hear that it can still be done after mascectomy, i thought i could cope with only having one breast but as the months go on the weathers picking up i find myself looking at other women with nice skimpy low cut tops on and think i wish i could wear that instead of polo necks!!! ha! only joking . id like to go swimming but havnt got a suitable costume yet or the courage! but i will try soon. you mentioned having my e- mail i dont think we are allowed to leave our contact details on this posting, if i decide after seeing a surgeon and i go for the expander then i will post to you and you could fiind a way of sending me your day by day diary of your op if thats ok, thankyou for taking the time to reply and hope to talk to you soon take care xxx suzee