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I have been diagnosed with lobular in the left and ductal in the right
My left there are 3 malignant lumps and 1 benign and in the right one lump and benign they believe they have caught it all earlier so what do I have to lose it is all a risk so I have decided on a double masectomy with saline implants the same time as the dbl mastectomy any suggestion would be so appreciative x

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Hi @sammie,

I’m really sorry to hear what you’re going through. I am sure someone will be able to share their experience with you soon. In the meantime please know that our nurses are here for you any time, here on the forum on the Ask our Nurses your questions or over the phone 0808 800 6000.

Sending love,

Alice :heart:

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Good Morning @sammie
Wow go you!! You know what you want, fantastic. Obviously not the best of circumstances.
I went through bc 2 years ago, was originally told lumpectomy, then found I was brca 2 so had mastectomy and chose to have good boob done aswell for risk reduction.
I have a concave chest and tiny boobs, surgeon suggested smooth round implants for best aesthetics. Also the smooth don’t have the risk of another type of cancer, although only a small risk, I wasn’t going there! The other benefit was rotation, if these rotate then they are not going to look wonky.
I had hoped to have implants straight away but was given expander first, which was good in hindsight as it gave me a chance to see which size was good for me. And confirmed the rotation thing, as the expander was teardrop shaped, one rotated virtually straight away and were not a good shape for me.
They do wrinkle and surgeon has said there is now an upgrade that wrinkles less so am making a decision on upgrading. Haha. Overall no regrets. Knowing that as much breast tissue as possible has gone helps with my mindset. I do still have my own nipples, they are not in the usual place due to new shape but that is not an issue. Got one scar on down side of each boob which is hidden by bra, can be seen in skimpy bikini. I don’t care about that tho, I am proud of what I have accomplished and the little scar not a big deal.
Hope this helps and wishing loads of love. Keep up with your strength and positivity :two_hearts:

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Oh wow thankyou for your reply and all of it is so interesting I woke up yesterday feeling so nervous about dealing with my drains myself :see_no_evil: but saw my mcn yesterday too and helped me through what will happen :+1:
Can I ask how long roughly you was off work ? I know everyone heals different I’m normally a good healer but just be nice to know what to expect more …
Now you are cancer free do you feel this has really changed you as a person and your thoughts on life ?
Thanks again for your reply xx

Hi @sammie
The unknown is scary isn’t it, the drains aren’t bad just annoying. Had to wear everything that was front fastening to accommodate the drains and not being able to lift arms above shoulder level too until they were out.
I had my op after chemo and was off from March to Nov with the op being mid September. I used to work 37 hours a week over 5 days, when I started back I tried to work a few hours for a few days and built up from there it took me a good year and half to get to 5 x 6 hour days. That’s my limit now and I am happy with it, some days I am still a wreck others I am a machine and surprise myself. I did have my ovaries out in the middle of last year and that really affected me with menopause symptoms I was a total wreck and couldn’t function. Managed to get that sorted and now feel I have a good balance with my work/home life. The busy days can take their toll, don’t rush yourself and don’t over burden yourself. If you are like me once I commit myself I don’t want to let anyone down and then push too hard, it then ends in a fall, so I have to be careful not to over commit.
Being through cancer has definitely changed me. I let things go now, try and surround myself by positive happy people.
I don’t put too much pressure on myself and I do things that are important to me. I contentrate on what I can control. I have changed my eating habits, my toiletries. I am so aware of what I put in my body and on my skin. Also how things make me feel and I keep to the good stuff. I like yoga, mindfulness and have started going to sound baths, I also try and do 30 minutes of decent exercise a day to clean my blood and keep me fit.
I’m also starting to think of the things I have always wanted to do and am making plans to do them. in a way that’s not a cancer thing, it’s age and reality check, life is what we make it and the reality check is to do things whilst I can so if the opportunity presents itself I take it !
The whole cancer thing helped show what/who is and isn’t important in my life.
Think you might of got more than you asked for there. . . Lol. Yes I am that old haha.

Omg you sound like me I am so hard to please others and enjoy to give joy to others this kinda stopped when I was diagnosed but has opened my eyes to the things I will do once my treatment has finished and that is making more of an effort with my family and friends and enjoy life xx thankyou for the reply really enjoyed this reply

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You’re very welcome, hope all goes well for you :two_hearts: