reconstructive surgery

hi anyone out there had reconstructive surgery seven years after breast cancer

No, not 7 years but I will be having DIEP bilateral reconstruction next Tues., June 17th and that is almost 3 years out for me.

Good luck in your decision making???

Mary Jo

hi gail, im just about to have recon but its only been 18 months but i must tell you i went to a seminar on recon other day they had ladies there who have had recon and showed you them (they werent shy) lol but one lady in her 60s had recon 17 yrs after being diagnosed and hers looked smashing she had the expanders in they then filled em over a 6 week period and now has implants shes quite small breasted but she is only petite herself so the time difference seems there is`nt any

Hi Gail.

I had reconstruction, with an expander, after 4 years. I have to say I only wish I had done it sooner its one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Go for it.