reconstructive surgery

Hi everyone,
I had a mastectomy, chemo and radio 2 years ago and I am now going to have another mastectomy and double reconstruction in 2 weeks.
I’m trying to get all my hospital stuff sorted and wondered if anyone had any tips on this.


What sort of recon are you having? I had a delayed LD flap in February (mx three years prior to that). I was in for a week, came out with a drain still attached, which I had in for another week.

Just make sure that whatever clothes you take with you are easy to get on and off. Front fastening is best, as it is easier to get on than something which has to be pulled over your head, plus the doctors & nurses are always wanting a look at the recon so it’s easier if you just have to undo a couple of buttons.

Other than that, plenty to read and some money for the TV over your bed, otherwise it’s terribly boring. I was in a ward where all the rooms are single, so there’s no-one to talk to.

Best wishes

As Roadrunner says it is is important to keep the breast easily accessible as you are always getting it out(especially if you have a flap as they check it hourly initially).I found front buttoning cotton nighties easiest for first 3/4 days.

Some roll on deodorant is useful as they keep you very warm and you can’t spray near your incisions.

Reading material is great, but I found it hard to concentrate so magazines were better than novels.

If you are relatively close to the end of chemo as I was a soft cotton hat is useful as I couldn’t be bothered with scarves and wigs and felt that I couldn’t have looked worse, so a colourful hat cheered me up. As did my make-up … didn’t feel up to putting it on for first few days, but then had loads of time on my hands and felt better when I looked better :slight_smile: