Reconstructive Surgery

Hi everyone,

I am soon to have a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, to say that I am anxcious would be an understatement, everyone I have spoken to has been very kind, and I am getting as much information as I can. Any positive and encouraging comments would be much appreciated.

Maggie P


I had a mx in Dec 2006, followed by 8 sessions of chemo. I am now on Tamoxifen for 5 years (which is up this year) then I think an AI for a further 3 years. I decided in Feb 2010 to go for Tram Flap reconstruction. My op went ahead in Dec 2010. It was a very big op (10 hours). Took a good few months to get over, but the results are worth it. I have had no bother with healing. I am very glad I had it done. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Take care

Carolyn x

Hi Maggie
I am so sorry that you are having to go through this, I hope you have some great support.
I had my mastectomy with immediate LD recon just over a year ago and the only other
treatment I have had is Tamoxifen.
Do you know what type of recon you are having?
I was strangely calm in the time leading up to my mx, by that time I just wanted this “thing”
Inside me removed.
The whole thing wasn’t as bad as I feared
My op was about 7 hours long … I can honestly say I was not in a lot of pain … discomfort
but not a lot of pain.
I was out with friends for dinner exactly a month later which I felt was pretty good going!
I have had further surgeries to even me up and I am now very pleased with the result
Please feel free to pm me if you like… and I can answer specific questions
E x

Hi Maggie

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I’m sure you’ll get lots of good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.

To help you along I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications you may find helpful.

Your op and recovery:


Reconstruction animation:

I hope these help. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi there Maggie,

I too had a mastectomy and apart from some discomfort all went well. I just wanted to get rid of the tumour and get on with life, your head just copes with it, although it’s strange to start off with. Im having delayed reconstruction very soon and can’t wait to see the result (although not looking forward too much towards the op itself), but hey ho it has to be done!

Hope all goes well. Keep me posted.

Julie xxxx

Hi Maggie it is six weeks since I had bi lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I understand how you are feeling as I felt the same, very anxious. I had mine as risk preventative as Brca 2 carrier. I will be truthful and say it is hard at first, because I had both sides done at the same time, I had LD flap recon, I was restricted for first few days. Was in hospital one week and sent on weekend leave with drains in, think my consultant was sick of me asking when I could go home!! Pain is very manageable and was never in any great pain more discomfort, drains are a nuisance but you get used to those and they are only in for a short time. Once home listen to your body and take it really easy. I have had to go back to clinic once a week to have seroma drained, which is common with this procedure. I have no regrets at all and take one day at a time. I am still getting used to the ‘new me’ but am determined to at last get on with my life. Hope this helps please feel free to inbox me with anything I can help you with xxxxx

Hi Maggie
I had a mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction 8 weeks ago. It is a big operation, I was in surgery for 11 hours and in hospital for a week. I came home with 1 drain but that was removed after another 2 days. I wasn’t in any pain, more discomfort and that was mainly from my armpit where the lymphs were removed. It’s difficult to move around to start with and everything is a bit of an effort. I had 6 weeks off work and took it very easy. I am so pleased with the result and glad I went for this option.
Clare x

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much to all of you that have posted comments , I am to see the plastic surgeon this Friday to decide which way my reconstruction will go.

You have really helped me.I thank God that I have lots of support from my loving family and friends, the hospital and support groups

I am feeling more postitive today, I hope this feeling last.

Love Maggie P


I found this info a while back:

I had an LD recon in June and it’s all tickityboo.
Hope it’s useful.