Hi ,
Anyone had reconstrution with skin and muscle from the stomach, dont know the proper name for it.
Had a Bilateral reconstrution with muscle and skin from the back, but due to re-occurance, had to have it all removed, now 4 yrs later thinking of going for one again, but the only option is from the stomach. I have heard it is very painful and the op takes 8hrs and recovery is about 8 wks. Has anyone had this method, would like to know. Also because of my experience, i wouldn’t recomend mastectamy and reconstruction all at the same time, if i had my time again i would get the cancer first and then go back for reconstrution later. Good luck everyone.

hi lindiluu

the name for the op would be either tram flap or diep flap they are both very similar but 1 uses some muscle and the other doesnt i am having the tram next tuesday and i dont seem to be able to get that much info on here my ps said between 6 and 8 hours in hospital 7 to 10 days im sorry cant be off any more help but keep me posted how you get on

take care

ps mine is the second time but its nothing to do with my first cancer so they say which was 14 years ago when i was 29

Hi lindiluu

As Joanie said, diep flat is from the abdomen but doesn’t take muscle, tram flat also from the abdomen but takes some of the muscle. My sister had diep, long recovery and quite painful. I’m due to have tram early next year. Had cancer in 05 r breast, had lumpectomy, chemo and radio. Because of family history now opting for bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction at same time. Oh well in for a penny in for a pound. I just couldn’t face it if cancer came back and I’d have to go through chemo all over again. Thought long and hard and decided this was my best option. Good luck to you for your op.

Lindy Lou