Recovering from surgery 2nd december

Hi was just wondering if anyone else is recovering from surgery around the same time as me . Had a quadrantectomy and full lymph removal i think dont know yet and hopfully wont need further surgery if my margins are clear . Was in lots of pain for the first two days felt like i had been run over but day 3 off the pain killers and feeling more like my old self. I think i will need chemo not sure till i go get my results on the 9th . I just cant beleive i have breast cancer or had . x

Hi I had surgery on the 7th December (lumpectomy and lymph removal) although as yet i am not sure how many they have removed!! I go for my results on the 14th so i am keeping every thing crossed and hoping that it has not spread and i will not need further surgery. Very scared and anxious i just need to know now. Feeling a little more human today but still feeling very emotional. I hope you got the all clear on the 9th and dont have to go through chemo… keep me posted, thinking of you.
K x

I’m waiting for my results after lumpectomy and lymph node removal on 26th Nov. Almost a three week wait for results which is very stressful and I go from feeling very positive / everything will be OK to It’s going to be bad news. Trying to keep positive though.
Good luck with your results

Gosh poor you… 3 weeks and i thought a week was long enough!!! Thinking of you and hopefully you will get the all clear… Its such a roller-coaster!!!
K xx

Hi All

Had WLE and ANC on Dec 10th at the Marsden- going for pathology results on Monday the 20th.

Kazza -how did you go with your results on the 14th?

15slo - how did you go with your results on the 9th?

teacherh- the 3 weeks must feel like an eternity but you should have heard today - how did you go?

My surgeon told me around 10% need a second round of surgery- I don’t know how accurate that is D x

Hi D

Firstly how did you results go?

I had mine to be told good news that they removed all the cancer and 6 nodes, great I thought then they told me it was grade 3 so i need to have chemo and rads!!! :frowning:

I go to see the oncologist tomorrow so I guess they will give me more info and dates. Just as you feel you can cope you get hit with another hurdle!!!

Feeling very scared and anxious about chemo and the side affects (and gosh i didn’t know that there were so many)

Hope your results went well - keep me posted…

Take care
K xx

hey Ladies
Had my bc diog three years ago on pop now and then to share a few worries and support others as they have done for me. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever it is, even it seems trivial, It is a scarey time and look after each other, Wish you all the we bext for the holiday time, be b=gentle with youselves love Alicex

CANT believe i am back in this dark place again . They now think my tamoxifen has not worked and i could possibly have secondary breast cancer in my lungs . Recent chest x ray showing lung nodules . Bone and CT scans 7th May . So so scared .

Dear 15slo

I am sorry to read your post and am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support, in addition please do call our helpliners to talk things over, lines are open on monday at 9am (weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2), our team are here to offer you further support and a listening ear on 0808 800 6000

Take care


I’m so sorry to hear you have this new worry. I guess you’ll know more definitely once you have had the rest of the scans. Then they’ll come up with a plan of treatment … Meanwhile keep posting on here, and I’m sure you will find support and encouragement.

It might be an idea to start a new thread in one of the “secondary breast cancer” forums, as this one might be missed as it looks like a surgical concern still?

Hang on in there … xxx