Recovery after surgery

Hi all. Had my wle and 2 lymphnodes removed on 28th August. I removed the dressing 5 days after. Can anyone tell me if they felt that they could scratch area as it feels like pins sticking in. Still uncomfortable really worse than the first couple of days after operation .

Hi Abella

Is the feeling in your WLE or your armpit?


Prior to my release I was told that they had applied a heavy anesthetic to my breast and armpit and that it would wear off after a few days. I was also told i may experience stabbing pains as some of my nerves had been damaged or removed and it would take time for them to settle down. Just keep taking your pain killers regularly as they were prescribed. Personally i don’t like taking pain killers but i was told by my BCN and physio that i shouldn’t be in pain.


When i saw my physio she showed me how to massage/stretch my wound to breakdown the scar tissue. If you don’t have a physio in place you may want to get your MDT to arrange one. 

It’s in my wle but my lump and lymphnodes were taken out by same cut. I haven’t got physio. I’m at hospital on Monday for follow appt but if it carries on I’ll pop to my doctor or ring bcn. Thanks for the reply at least I now know it could be what you said. Just seems to get worse as week goes on.

Thank you mail I’ll give it a couple of days if still the same will see doctor.

Thank you mai7 I’ll give it a couple of days if still the same will see doctor.

Hi all thank you for your support. Update I decided to ring the bcn today with my concerns and was told to pop in and see them. Yh the stabbing pins etc is the nerve endings so no worries there but my breast had fluid build up so they drained it off. Left hospital a little sore but hopefully it will settle down. Back on Monday for results from surgery.

hi abella I had wle and 4 lymph nodes removed 25th July I can say that even after 5 weeks I was still getting discomfort but now after 6 weeks I am pain free, hang in there it does get better.

Hi guys still a little uncomfortable but my consultant doesn’t want to remove anymore fluid as doesn’t want it to get infected. It is still.bruised and swollen but at least it’s gone
Now the treatment starts
Told on Monday I’ve got to have chemo ? so hear we go again with the waiting and worry some daysI feel strong others I’m putting a brave face on but I’m crying inside don’t know what to expect