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Hi, after my breast cancer op in may I had a stroke, i am gradually recovering from this, although still have some weakness. I have undergone all of my treatment now, but still feel very physically and emotionally drained. I recently had a further biopsy,on the same breast, which was was very scary and stressful, but luckily was benign, but I still have a very painfull and uncomfortable breast, which i have been told is result of the radiotherapy. I have been bleeding since July, and feel tired and drained, but will have a further scan on my pelvis to look into this. I have also have breathing problems that seem to be different to my usual asthma difficulties.I have so far been unable to take the tamoxifin drug becuase of the stroke, but i will soon be put on another drug to be injected monthly. I have not yet returned to work as just do not fell able to cope with the stress of my social work job yet. Can I ask if the length of time my recovery is taking is reasonable? thanks

Hi ma

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June, moderator

Goodness, with all you’ve been through I wouldn’t think your recovery time was unreasonable at all! Quite apart from the breast ops, which alone can take their toll physically and emotionally for a long time, you have other health issues that must inevitably contribute to the mental and physical tiredness. Look after yourself as well as you can and don’t even think about going back to work until your problems have been sorted and you’re fully recovered! I wish you all the best for a full recovery.