recovery time

Does anyone have any idea of time scale to recover from a single mastectomy… I work chamber maid so looming for ideas of time length I will b off work as my boss has asked… I know everyone is different in recovery so approx would b grill please x

It will all depend on a lot of factors… Are you having a reconstruction? If so, what type? Also, people heal at different rates. Have you had SNB or is that getting done at the same time as MX?

One of the problems of getting treated for BC, it seems, is that there are no easy answers to anything. My experience has been that the whole thing has grown at every step and so recovery time extends all the time too.

Having done a stint as a chambermaid myself in the past I know what a strenuous job it can be and you really don’t want to feel pushed into going back to work before your body is well and truly ready. x

Hi mel66
Snb is being done on the day of the MX…I am not having reconstruction on the day either… Just the snb and the MX…I don’t think there rushing me there just looking for a time scale as yet the job. Is very strenuous and I have no intentions of going back til its healed lol/… Don’t wanna b doing any more damage to b honest. Xx