Recovery times and what is feasible


I am due to have my surgery on 17th August I am having a Right Mastectomy and a Left Lump removal. I am just wondering what sort of recovery time i am looking at i know it will vary from person to person but to give me something to look forward to after the op etc i thought might try and get a weeks holiday. do you think looking at the last week in september would be too soon? i know at the moment they are going with Rad Therapy so was hoping to go away before it started. Am i being to ambitious ??


Thanks in advance

Denise xx

Hello ! I had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction on my left breast  on May 10 . I had drains in for nine days and didn’t heal particularly well on my scar line - but flew to Rome with girlfriends on June 12 for  four days . I still had a dressing on a problem area on my scar - but I was absolutely fine . I was slower to walk than usual but otherwise it was a normal holiday . It was good for e to have something to look forward to so I would sat go for it . Hope all goes well and enjoy yiur holiday ! 

Hi Denise, I had mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction and was driving and doing yoga after 3 weeks so go for it and have a lovely time x