Recurrence after 11 months

Recurrence after 11 months

Recurrence after 11 months Hi there - I’ve posted a couple of times in the last two weeks about my latest plight - a small lump which seemed to appear on the surface of my affected breast. I had lumpectomy June 2006 followed by chemo and 25 sessions of radio.

The lump, it seems , contains cancerous cells.

I have bone scans to come now which I’ll be more happy about once I know the outcome. I have no aches and pains.

Mastectomy doesn’t worry me at all - I just want this gone again so I can move on.

I don’t feel sorry for myself but I do feel I’m being tested - it’s hard to deal with again in such a short time.

Medically, there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason - it does seem quite rare.

Would appreciate replies from anyone who can understand why this has happened or has had a similar experience.


Welcome Jane although sorry that you are here. This disease is so unfair and the medical profession really do not have a definitive answer. I can sympathise entirely with you as I have just had a recurrence in the same breast after 17 years of remission. Good luck with the bone scan - you do not say what is planned for your lump so please keep in touch. I had two little lumps removed from my original scar line six months after surgery which turned out to be scar tissue so here’s hoping.

whilst l havent had the same experience just wanted to say l was thinking of you and hope all goes well with your sharon x

Hi Jane,

My local recurrence occured within 3 months of finishing rads following my mastectomy.

A tiny lump appeared on my scar line and when biopsied cancer cells were found.
Just had (3 weeks ago) WLE and am awaiting results of CT scan.

Unbelievable bad luck I think!

Take /care

Hi Jackie

Had Ct scan and bone scan last week. I was surprised by how easy that process is. Results this thursday!
My lump appears to be in the skin - quite odd but as you say unbelievable bad luck!!

When you say you had a WLE after mastectomy - did they sort of go into your scar tissue then??

So pleased you’ve responded because i’ve not come across anyone who’s had a local recurrence so soon and all of it is a bit scary so it’s good to compare notes!!!

Keep in touch


Hi Jane,

Yes that’s exactly what they did!

The lump was tiny, 3mm x 2mm with clear margins according to path report.
the surgeon had explained he would open up -at- 5" of the mast scar so that he could have a good look around!

CT results delayed slightly as I couldn’t get an appt before 13th June. Provided they are clear, no more chemo.

Oh and onc changed my hormone, immediately took me off tamoxifen and put me on Femera (letrozole). I had a blood test to check my ovaries have stopped working as I had hysterectomy 10 years ago but cancer is oestrogen +.

Good Luck with your results tomorrow,
Let me know how you get on,

Hi Jackie

Good news is that bone and body scans were all clear.

I’m having a mastectomy next week - which I’m fine with - it’s weird as we are celebrating at the moment!!!

Consultant said the cancer is in the skin which is potentially serious, so no reconstruction. No not dwelling on that though!!

Upwards and onwards - positive attitude all the way!!

Take care


Hi Jane,

Excellent news re scan results.

My cancer (IBC) had attacked the skin and I had to have rads so recon was not an option for me either. Onc said at the time we could consider it a year after rads if everything was ok.

I f you read my profile, you’ll see all the nonsence that happened before my surgery last year.

Like you, I was absolutely fine with it, almost welcomed it in fact as I knew the breast was so diseased.
It’s amazing how our perspective alters as we move forward on this journey.

I had a call from my oncs sec today moving my appt forward to next Thurs (7th) as he won’t now be around on 13th for my CT scan results.
Good that I don’t have to wait so long but worrying in that my logical brain wonders why ,if it’s good news, his reg can’t give me the results on the original date!

See just no pleasing me is there, I can create a doubt out of thin air!

Good Luck with the op next week, let me know how you are when you feel up to it,

Hi My second Primary was found, again by myself, two months after I finished e-cmf, same breast…higher grade 3. Had Mastectomy, have just finished 4x taxotere, am triple neg…am going for rads in June/July …Wish I’d found the second lump first then maybe they would have given me mastectomy first and saved me a year of useless treatment.


good luck for your op Hi Jane

I expect you wil have had your op by now. Hope all went well and glad to hear your scan results were ok.

I too had mastectomy after local recurrence. I lost my reconstruction as they could not save it and I had to have a lot of chest muscle taken away as well as the reconstruction was underneath this (had a saline implant) and the lump had spread. Sadly all my lymph nodes were affected and I had chemo and am now on Arimidex, but at least all the cancerous ‘bits’ have gone, so like yourself, am not too upset about loosing my breast. Two years on I am coping well with my prothesis and am bak to swimming/exercising/walking and have been on hols twice. Just have to be a bit careful with my affected arm as I have slight lymphoedema on upper arm and chest wall, but sofar NED found. It does all take a while to get back into swing of things, but I am sure you will be fine by the end of the summer and in the meantime enjoy the weather and relax while you are healing.


Thanks to all of you for your wishes etc. Op is Wednesday and I should be home by Monday. It’s odd because there has been much celebration over this mastectomy. I’ll be really glad when it’s over and done with but I’m okay about it all still.
I have used the websites that are recommended on this site to order camisoles and already have my eye on a swim suit for August - I intend to be in the sea with my grandson!!
I am a positive and practical person and like all of us survivors just getting on with life - but I don’t ever take any of it for granted anymore !!!

Best wishes to you all


SO SOON!! Hi Guys

I can’t believe that at my very first review appointment with my surgeon I’m now back playing the ‘waiting game’ for results of biopsy to a small lump on my left side (had lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemo and 1 yr of Herceptin - from Aug 05 - Feb 07) - have been living my life for the last 4 months and now i’m back to that scary place I hoped I wouldn’t be for a good few years.

Surely lightening can’t strike twice so soon - my surgeon thinks its just fatty tissue which I’ve noticed (i found lumpy area) because I have lost about a stone in weight (thankfully after putting 2 stone on during treatement) - but the whole saga of mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy have left me shattered!!!

I’m not so sure I can do it all again so soon after the last time, I’d hoped I’d have a little bit of living before/if it happened again!.

The mammogram didn’t show any changes since my last one 2 years ago, and the ultrasound didn’t pick anything up, the radiologist was quite happy to send me back with my x’rays with no change - but when the surgeon suggested because of my ‘history’ a biopsy I went totally into shock - Oh god not again - have to wait now till thursday - they’re gonna ring me asap they receive news - he thinks just a lipoma but i’m a wreck need your friendly ears guys.
Clemy X

Hi Clemy

Sorry to hear your news - believe you me lightening can strike twice - as you will see from my story.

I know it is hard to face so soon after the end of treatment -(mine was found three months after the end of surgery, chemo and rads) but you have that inner strength inside you that always seems to surprise everyone, yourself included.

I’m now ten days after my second surgery in twelve months (mastectomy) and my life is beautiful again.

You can do this - it’s hard - but you can!!!