Recurrence in neck lymph node

Hi, I’m new to the forum and hoping for some advice and support. I was diagnosed in 2009, had double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, FECT chemo, rads and herceptin . Relapsed in 2012 - nodules in skin, resolved completely with capcetabine. Continued on herceptin, all going well and then found swollen lymph node in neck. Starting GEM TAXOL chemo. Onc still positive, I’m trying to be! Any encouragement /similar stories gratefully received. Stephie xxxx

Hi Stephie
I have four nodes in my neck which have been there for about a year and my onc always checks my neck to see if there is progression. My last scan showed that the biggest node was 8mm so relatively small although I do look like a hamster somedays because of the fluid that seems to rest there but that could be down to the steroids that I am on at the moment as I’ve just finished WBRT.
I am currently on cape/lap combo which seems to be holding things but my onc has advised me that if the nodes start troubling me then they can be zapped with radio. Has that suggestion be put to you? If not, then it could be something for you to discuss at your next appt.
Take care.
Liz x

Hi Liz. Thank you very much for your response. I’m due to have 6 cycles of Gem Taxol and then radiotherapy so hopefully that will dispense with them! I’m sad to think I have to go through chemo all over again but hoping for positive results. I hope that you stay well and stable. Stephie xxx