Recurrence in skin around breast!

I went to oncologist and was referred to surgeon who biopsied everything but skin. Took him almost 4 months to do a punch biopsy.  Now entire breast and part of my non cancer breast and up into my neck are involved.  Start treatment tomorrow with a new oncologist and surgeon at the University of Virginia.

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Hi, I’m sorry you have had such poor care, and sad that you find yourself here. I’m part of a secondary BC group at a local Maggies Centre, here in the UK, and I know of only one person there who has skin cancer. From our discussions it appears that hers has been caught early and she has great hope of it being brought under control. It is, apparently , quite unsightly, and has affected her shoulders, neck and face quite rapidly. Saying that, it just looked to me as if she was a bit flushed! ?

She has started her meds, and is doing well tolerating them. Wish I could remember what she’s on!! The chief Onco at my hospital did a drop in session to explain a bit more about it. Fairly rare for it to appear as secondaries, but this disease knows no boundaries, does it? Hoping your new Onco can provide you with superior care and attention. Best wishes. ?