Recurrence So Scared

Hi, this is my first post after a year of treatment for Triple negative 4 cm tumour in R breast. I had chemo first Fec and then docetaxel which was then changed to weekly paclitaxel following a reaction. Two lymph nodes were effected and 15 removed. This finished in
Feb 2015
then followed a mastectomy/reconstruction and rads for three weeks. I was discharged from my oncologist at the end of August and mentioned I had found a small lump on the joint just below my collar bone. She was not worried about it but I feel just to reassure me she arranged a CT. The CT (without contrast) came back and the surgeon wasn’t at all worried but said he would talk to the onco plastics surgeon about the result . To cut a long story short I did end up having a biopsy, and it is cancer. Triple negative cells, invasive cancer. So now it begins. I am waiting on all my scans next week with a view to thoracic surgery if scans are free of secondary cancer!! In shock, can’t function- how can I go through this, again, and this time even worse than before? My two teenage boys and my husband? I was just recovering and it was a year this month since I was first diagnosed. We were looking at making plans, going back to work and a holiday . Everything has been taken away before I had the chance to start again and put everything behind us. The last thing the oncologist said to me was that if it comes back it most probably would be secondary!

Hi Islay100

I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this again and so soon after the first time, I really feel for you.  It really is so unfair.  I hope whatever treatment you are going to have gets sorted quickly as the waiting is just so hard. Thinking of you.  Hugs

Ruby xx