Red hands and feet

I am on Cmf halfway through 2nd cycle and my hands and feet have become bright red and very itchy anyone else had this problem??? Bobbie

Hi There,

I had my 1st FEC last Thursday by Saturday morning I looked as though I had been left in the Sahara for 24 hours!
My face was burning hot and so were the soles of my feet.

I rang the hosp they said that steroids were the cause + it would diminish over the next few days. It did… my feet still feel hot but not nearly so bad.

So hang on in there.

I used bio oil not sure whether it helped or not. Someone else suggested aloe vera gel for cooling

Hope his is of some use

All the best


Hi Coleen Thanks for getting back to me , have bio oil and Aloe Vera in stock as well as half Boots the chemist!!! So will give them a try. iI’s not the Steroids with me because I do’nt have to take them on this regime. Have chemo again Wed so will ask ONC Nurse. Love Bobbie