Red painful breast 2 1/2 yrs after implant


Has anyone else experienced this?

I had my tissue expander replaced with a silicone implant 2 1/2 yrs ago which has caused me no problem up until now. Apart from feeling hellish my breast is hard has a red patch on it and is very painful. Under my arm ls also sore.

I would guess that there’s infection there but what causes it after all this time? Will my implant need to be removed? I’d be grateful to hear from anyone that’s had the same problem. I’ll phone my BCN tomorrow.


Thanks W


Gosh how horrible for you.


I am 14 months post op and with a saline exoander (port still in) and have been thinking that I would like to have it changed for silicone as the implant is heavy and still feels like a water bottle.  I hope that  your BCN has good news for you and post your findings.


Regards Chris

let us know how you get on!