Red patch on breast

Hi everyone,
I have noticed two round reddish, purple spots on the bottom of my left breast. They are about the size of a fifty cent piece or slightly bigger. No lumps but the spots won’t go away. I haven’t bumped anything and they’ve been there for over a month. I haven’t changed bras. Has anyone had anything similar?

Thank you!!

Hi Tw211…most importantly I would suggest getting these checked out by your GP or breast care team, who should hopefully be able to reassure you. 


I had something similar nearly a year ago, and it took 3 months to go away!  The specialist nurse care practitioner at the hospital said there were two possibilities 1) that it was my immune system reacting to a bruise (don’t remember bruising myself though!) which apparently can happen after chemo or 2) it was a continuing effect of radiotherapy from 2 years previously (even though RT was to other breast) as it was close to the ‘exit’ and may have damaged tissue.  They weren’t terribly concerned, and said that if it hadn’t cleared up in 3 months they would biopsy.  Said that as it was underneath breast it would take longer, and that if it got worse, bright red, itchy or hot to go back straight away.


Thankfully it did clear up, and no repeat!  It was a red/purple rash, non-raised and non-itchy, which was what foxed them!  


Hope you resolve this quickly, and please do get it checked out…your medical professionals won’t mind at all :slight_smile:


take care, J x

Thanks so much! Your reply has put my mind at ease!