Red rash on reconstruction two years after Mx

Hi I wasn’t sure where to put this. I had mx with implant strattice mesh over 2 years ago now because I had DCIS. I Was doing fine and moving forward as best anyone can. 4 weeks ago I had these pink bloches appear, one main big area and smaller ones over reconstructed breast. I went to my breast surgeon, who didn’t seem worried but sent me for an ultrasound to be safe. Well that showed thinkening under rash and lymph nodes were up :-(( so they decided to biopsy punch biopsy on red area, then core on lymph nodes. This was a awful week waiting and I was out of my mind with worry. Thank goodness no cancer cells were found on either. The punch biospy showed inflammation and the core biospy on nodes showed that they were reactive nodes. So I was chuffed. So I was sent on my way with 2nd lot of antibotics as breast surgeon feels this is a infection or could be a late reaction to implant/strattice. I’m nearly finished 2nd lot if antibotics and the red patch is still there it quite large and spreads and then fades less towards evening. I know there is swelling there and when the swelling lesson the redness lesson too. But back again next morning. This is the same thing that’s been happening for past 4 weeks. It’s slightly warm but have no temp and fill ok. I know I had a few area of pockets of fluid as was seen on ultrasound but wasn’t enought to drain. So I’m not sure if this is lymphodema or celluities or failing implant. I’m not back to breast surgeon till 10th June but obviously I will need to call. Just really like some advice if anyone else has experience this redness and the outcome. Would IV antibotics help. Really like anyone’s answers xx