red rash

hi all just wanted to ask couple of things i had mx 7 wks ago had a seroma now cording but now ive got a fairly large area of redness which itches swollen red and hard all above scar area i went to see doc y day he thinks its cellulitis but as i had a bit of a red rash b4 mx i am worried cld be ibc even though my cancer was meant to be lobular as anyone else had this and what are your comments ive gtg tomorrow to see surgeon do u think i shld push for biospy many thanks laura

Hi laura,

I can understand your worry. I’m an IBC lady and I’ve had a few wobblies myself about recurrance & secondaries. I would be guided by your surgeon though and if you’re not sure about his/her experience you are entitled to ask for a second opinion.

It seems unlikely you have IBC, If you are still worried discuss it again with your medical team.

Jan xx

I had a similar issue - Surgeon put me on antibiotics for 5 days and it started to clear a bit, saw GP a week later and he said its cellulitis, saw oncologist few days later and he said “give it some air”!!
So, after 2 days of not wearing a bra but wearing 100% cotton t-shirts as a vest and rubbing Oilatum cream into the rash area to soothe the itching, it is finally fading.
Definately consult the surgeon, you can’t be too careful.

good thing you’re seeing your surgeon tomorrow Laura - I’d definitely mention it.
Hope it goes well - will be thinking of you
xx monica

thanks girls i will let u know at moe no change just teh same but then only 2 days with antib so prob to soon its the itching thats driving me mad i dont wear much either when im alone as everything rubs it im due to start rads soon i cant see that happening at moe laura