Red sore breast after Rads planning session, help please

Hi everyine can you advise me please?


I tried calling helpline but they not available due to training session and my GP not open weekends.


I jad radiotherapy planning session yesterday, it was very prolonged and painful.


Due to arthritus in shoulders getting the position was difficult. I had to stop, take pain killers, wait an hour then go back.


Issue is it led to my right arm, right breast surgery sites, being stretched for extended time.


I had soreness after but put that down to stretched sticthes/wound areas.


But it got worse, my breast has become hot, more swollen, red.


I thought it would settle but skin is still red and sore.


Did any of you experience this, is it normal and just tissues re agitated?


I am a bit worried not knowing whats happening.


Any thoughts?


I have soothed skin with aloe vera but has not helped.


Thank you



This has got worse so going to hospital to see nurse it may be cellulitis apparently :frowning:

Well not good start to radiotherapy, got breast infection, now on penicillin and antibiotics. Oh Joys!


And raiotherapy may be delayed as breast so swollen measurements have to be done again, and again, as it goes down.


Got two weeks to get this sorted, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Hi Meri, sorry to hear you are having problems.  Hope the antibiotics sort it out.  I had a lot of swelling post op and through my chemo, but thankfully settled down before radiotherapy.  I’ve now completed my treatments but still moisturising every day.  I’ve used Doublebase gel from my GP which helps to cool the skin.  

Hugs Jo x