Redness on side of breast under arm

hi, need some help as am worrying about a red patch that has appeared on the side of my breast but sort of on the chest wall. It appeared on Thursday, when you touch it with your fingers it stays white for about 30 seconds before turning red again. It is about 8cm diameter then up about 3cm into the armpit I had my last radiotherapy at the end of October last year with no effects so I don’t think it is that. Also got a cough and tightness in chest but not sure if they are related.


worrying its secondary! I had a full lymph node clearance last September and thought the cancer can’t spread if the lymph nodes are out. I decided not to take hormone therapy as when put on Ananstrozole in Decenber it was horrific so was only on it for 15 days decision made as it was only a 1.3 percent advantage over 5 years.


anyone else had anything similar - left message with surgeons secretary for appointment Mon or Tues. 


due to see Onc and surgeon on 7/8 sept anyway


am I worrying about nothing ??

Hi - sorry you have this to worry you . I haven’t had the same but about 3 months after my radiotherapy finished I woke up one morning with a yellow crusty nipple . Like you I hadn’t had any skin issues during or immediately after the rads so made no connection . Had a major wobble . Went to GP who said - don’t know what it is and referred me back to breast clinic . Saw the consultant and he said that will be the rads - wasn’t worried and said can take years for the effects to work their way through . I hope you will soon get the same good news . Take care. I am sure we all empathise with how you are feeling - everything like this is such a worry .